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Research On The Credit Business Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Of GF Bank ZZ Branch

Posted on:2021-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330602972676Subject:Business Administration
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As we all know,small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in the development of the national economy,contributing absolutely to the promotion of economic vitality,the increase of social employment and the promotion of industrial innovation.With the continuous progress of the society and the rapid development of the economy,in recent years China's small and medium-sized enterprises are facing various opportunities and pressures such as industrial upgrading and supply-side structural reform.The government has issued incentive policies that are conducive to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in many aspects such as optimizing the tax structure,increasing financial subsidies and improving service efficiency.However,in the face of the adjustment of the industrial structure and the competitive pressure of large enterprises,China's small and medium-sized enterprises have not yet fully embarked on the road of high-quality development.Under the background again,How to enhance the economic vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises and how to organically combine financial support with the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises have become a topic of great concern to all sectors of society.As for the small and medium-sized enterprises themselves,they have the actual situation of small business scale,weak management ability and generally low competitiveness in the product market,which leads to their relatively poor ability to resist risks.Compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States,China's financial industry is not fully developed and it is difficult to meet the growing demand for multi-channel financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.Commercial banks are affected by the pressure of business assessment and are more cautious in credit for small and medium-sized enterprises.Although the regulatory authorities have put forward a series of development requirements for them,the credit business of small and medium-sized enterprises still has a great development prospect.The phenomenon of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises has been alleviated,but it has not been fundamentally changed.In particular,under the background of the current international economic turbulence and the complicated trade situation,it is particularly important to help small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen their confidence in dealing with complex situations and to truly reduce financial costs.GF Bank ZZ Branch is the first national joint-stock commercial bank to enterHN Province.It has been deeply cultivating HN economy for 30 years and is an important participant and leader of local economic development.As a state-controlled commercial bank,GF Bank has a complete system and abundant products in the credit business,and has accumulated rich experience in the credit business of small and medium-sized enterprises,which is highly recognized by business operators.However,as far as the current situation is concerned,GF Bank ZZ Branch still has many problems in SME credit business,such as high non-performing rate,poor product promotion effect,and process management ability to be improved,which further limits the development scale of SME credit business.It is understood that the above problems also exist more or less in other commercial banks,so we can deduce from the small and the large that how to combine the interests of banks with the development of small and medium-sized enterprises more closely and scientifically is one of the key issues that the entire banking industry needs to focus on.This article is based on the research on the credit business of small and medium-sized enterprises in ZZ Branch of GF Bank,analyzing its development process,organizational structure and business organization,comparing its advantages and disadvantages with other financial institutions horizontally,further studying its comprehensive problems in product application,risk management,team building and evaluation mechanism,and finally giving corresponding opinions and suggestions based on the analysis of internal and external reasons.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial banks, Credit for small and medium-sized enterprises, Application of products, Risk management, Assessment mechanism
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