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The Research Of Coordination Of Supply Chain Under Omni-channel Retail

Posted on:2019-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542498323Subject:Logistics Engineering
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Omni-channel retail is special for combination of online and offline stores and inventory sharing among supply chain actors.For omni-channel retail,the goal of supply chain management is to make the order decision and profits allocation rational.The main contents and conclusions of this paper is:(1)Make an overview of the research on omni-channel retail.Omni-channel retail is a comparatively new concept,and few papers have made overview of it.In this paper,I give the definition of omni-channel retail according to much reference.And I also generalize the characteristic of omni-channel retail and which of the omni-channel supply chain.(2)Construct a traditional two-echelon supply chain model consisting of a manufacturer and two retailers.Lateral transshipment is allowed and revenue sharing contract is applied between the manufacturer and retailers.I study several scenarios in which transshipment or revenue sharing contract is considered or not considered.And in the last,I coordinate the supply chain with transshipment price and revenue sharing contract to achieve Pareto optimality.(3)Construct a model with unidirectional transshipment.Study the supply chain actors'order decisions and profits where unidirectional transshipment is considered or not considered.And I also research on the effects of transshipment price on supply chain actors' order decisions and profits.(4)Construct an omni-channel supply chain model.This model consists of both online and offline members.It includes bidirectional transshipment,unidirectional transshipment and transshipment from the upper echelon.I also study scenarios in which transshipment is considered or not considered,and the corresponding order decisions and profits allocation among supply chain actors.(5)Analyze the effects of the online demand on order decisions and transshipmen prices in omni-channel supply chain model.It shows that the retailer who transships directly to the online store will be much affected by online demands while others are not.And I analyze the effects of transshipmen prices on order decision and profits allocation in omni-channel supply chain model.The result shows that transshipmen prices have much effects on profits allocation.And we can coordinate the supply chain by adjusting transshipmen prices.
Keywords/Search Tags:omni-channel retail, transshipment, nash equilibrium, profits allocation, supply chain coordination
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