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Research On Dual-Channel Ordering Strategy Considering Partial Backorder

Posted on:2021-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A Q GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330614459682Subject:Logistics engineering
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With the progress of technology and the rapid development of information technology,more and more enterprises abandon the single traditional retail channel and start to expand the network direct channel to sell goods.The dual-channel model has become a common phenomenon.In the actual operation of the dual-channel supply chain,with the increase in customer demand uncertainty,the imbalance of supply and demand,such as shortage or inventory surplus,often occurs,which directly affects the enterprise's efficiency and customer service level.Therefore,how to solve the unreasonable inventory is an urgent problem to be solved.In view of this,this paper uses the combination of mathematical models and simulation tools to introduce the transshipment strategy into the dual-channel supply chain,and studies the ordering strategy of the dual-channel supply chain under the transshipment mechanism.In this paper,we consider a dual-channel supply chain system in which a manufacturer owns the network channel(online store)and a retailer owns the traditional channel(physical store).When one store is out of stock and another store has surplus inventory,the two parties can share surplus inventory through transshipment.Considering the transshipment time,customers in physical store may give up buying,only some customers are willing to obtain backordered goods by waiting for transshipment;Shortage demand in online store is satisfied by physical store's drop shipping.There is no difference between drop shipping and self-delivery in consumer experience,so there will be no loss of customers.On this basis,based on the newsboy model,we establish the profit function models of manufacturer and physical store respectively.Then,we obtain the conditions for the existence of Nash equilibrium by derivative method and prove the uniqueness of the equilibrium solution.Meanwhile,the effects of transshipment price,backorder cost and the fraction of backordered demands are further analyzed,and the influence of these three factors on the optimal order quantity and expected profits are verified by sensitivity analysis,as well as the advantages of implementing transshipment strategy.On the basis of the above research,this paper studies the ordering strategy and Pareto improvement of the two stores,and establishes the dual-channel ordering model when implementing revenue sharing contract,repurchase contract,revenue sharing and repurchase combination contract,respectively.Based on the Nash equilibrium,the equilibrium conditions of the optimal order quantity under three models are given.By discussing and comparing the impact of the three contracts on the overall profits of the supply chain and the profits of each member,it is found that although the single contract can achieve Pareto improvement of the supply chain's overall profits,one party' profit will always be damaged;While the combined contract can not only realize the Pareto improvement of the supply chain's overall profits,but also the Pareto improvement of each member's profit within a certain range.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dual-channel supply chain, Transshipment, Partial backorder, Supply chain contracts, Nash equilibrium
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