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Research On The Integration And Optimization Of The Retail Supply Chain Under The Omni-channel Mode

Posted on:2018-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of mobile Internet technology,the shopping behavior of consumer began to become more and more elusive,customers can achieve their desire to buy through a variety of channels,the combination of online and offline channels is a hot issue in the supply chain of retail enterprises,many experts and scholars have considered the influence of online direct marketing channel on supply chain integration and optimization.In this paper,on the basis of the relevant research areas,through the introduction of mobile Internet channels,applying supply chain optimization theory,operations research and game theory and other methods and techniques,this paper studies the optimization of supply chain dominated by retail enterprises,it has important theoretical value and significance in solving the practical problems of improving supply chain optimization theory.The introduction of mobile Internet channels not only can expand the brand influence,but also can save a lot of rental costs,thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises.Firstly,this paper considers a supply chain consisting of a dominant retailer and a supplier,through the establishment of dual channel model of supply chain of retail enterprises based on linear demand,from the different supply chain members to open the network of direct sales channels,study the impact of the Stackelberg game between members of the supply chain on the profitability of the entire supply chain,To explore the important role of the network direct sales channels for optimizing the retail business supply chain.It is found that,in the mode of network channel,the supplier will damage the profit of the retailer to some extent,the stronger the dominant position of retail enterprises in the supply chain,the greater the profit of the whole supply chain,retailers are more motivated than their suppliers to develop their own online sales channels.Secondly,this paper considers the development of mobile app network sales channels in the retail enterprise supply chain,the whole channel model of retail enterprise supply chain based on channel recognition degree is established,in the comparison with the dual channel model,this paper discusses the impact of the supply chain of the retail enterprise on the supply chain profit of the mobile app network.The research results showed that the providing of mobile Internet channel can attract a part of the consumer from entities under the line sales channels to the online channel sales network,the total market demand is equal to the retail supply chain in dual channel mode and full channel mode,and the demand for full channel mode of the online channel is higher than the demand for dual channel mode online channel the profit,the retail enterprises supply chain in the whole channel mode is higher than that of the dual channel mode of profit.Finally,on the basis of the previous study,in order to implement the whole channel model of the supply chain of retail enterprises,this paper studies the Stackelberg game process of each member of the supply chain.The results show that the profit of supply chain under decentralized decision is lower than that under centralized decision,for this reason,by designing a revenue sharing contract mechanism,the profit of the supply chain is higher than that of the decentralized decision making,and the win-win of the supply chain members is realized,the revenue sharing contract is flexible,and the profit level also depends on the bargaining power of the supply chain members.
Keywords/Search Tags:omni-channel, retail enterprises, supply chain optimization, Stackelberg game, revenue sharing contract
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