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Konjac High Value Of Comprehensive Utilization Technllogy

Posted on:2014-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country is the birthplace of konjac,konjac resources are very rich,but also the world's largest konjac areas,studies have shown that only a large number of nature konjac glucomannan containing special crops.Glucomannan with edible,gelling,film,stability and other 40 kinds of special physical and chemical characteristics,widely used in food industry,pharmaceutical industry,daily chemical,textile printing and dyeing,electronics,oil drilling,construction industry,environmental protection industry and feed industry.Konjac as a medicine and food use in China has 3,000 years of history.But the rise of konjac industry is only 20 years,but the development of fast,flour production quickly surpassed Japan,Europe accounted for 90%of the market share,China has become the world's largest producer of raw konjac.However,due to the country as a net plus intercropping konjac is not high,konjac pests(rot)seriously.Although in recent years,increasing production of konjac,but the domestic market is still shortfall of up to 20 tons/year.Meanwhile,the international demand for konjac flour is also growing,konjac flour prices in 2000 from 18,000 yuan/ton up to 2012's 65,000 yuan/ton.Therefore,the development of konjac planting industry has a good market base and development prospects.Fujian konjac products industry in the country,but as a species of Amorphophallus fitness area,Fujian Province konjac resource is very lacking,80%rely on supply from other provinces,konjac efficient and safe production technology demonstration and promotion of konjac industry chain development in Fujian Province is an inevitable requirement;to promote cultivation in Fujian province planted white konjac,konjac and other varieties of resources better konjac,konjac can effectively promote the province's farming development,greatly ease the problem of shortage of resources in the province of konjac.Konjac is Ninghua important sideline products,especially in the rural Ninghua Anyuan long history of cultivation,ranking the highest in the county.In recent years,the market continued to rise as konjac,coupled with the promotion of government departments,farmers from the original steering larger area planted around their houses sporadic large-scale cultivation of konjac,achieved a certain economic and social benefits.However,with the expansion of planting area konjac,konjac production chain issues are also increasingly prominent,mainly in a small number of varieties of Amorphophallus konjac and the quality is not high,cultivation and management and pest control technology popularization is not in place,resulting in disease worsening konjac,when high 30%-80%yield loss,even crops,enabling farmers suffered great losses,affecting the majority of farmers' enthusiasm for production.Therefore,this article from the tissue culture and rapid propagation ofhigh value,cultivation technology,standardized base construction,efficient and integrated pest control techniques of machining technology,five aspects of research,in the introduction,breeding,cultivation of white konjak Ninghua County,promotion,disease prevention,comprehensive utilization and so on,explore the establishment of Ninghua County white konjak planting and processing technology,provide the basis for other regions in Fujian provinceintroduction white konjac,and through the improvement ofcomprehensive processing technology of white konjac food,effectoe food,effectively promote the Ninghua konjac industry to achieve scientific,sandardizted,the ecological high value targets.
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