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Study On The Separation And Activity Of Active Components From Solanum Muricatum

Posted on:2019-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2381330566474575Subject:Food Engineering
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Solanum muricatum,also known as ginseng fruit,sweet pear,and longevity fruit,is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Solanaceae Solanaceae.It is not tolerant of high temperatures and cannot be cold.Fruits generally ripen 60 days after flowering.The country of origin is located in Chilean temperate regions of the Andes,Colombia,Peru and other regions.Our country began to introduce from the 1980 s,mainly in Gansu and Yunnan.Solanum muricatum is rich in vitamins and iron,zinc,selenium,molybdenum,cobalt,and other essential trace elements,and has physiological activities such as lowering blood sugar,anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory.At present,most researches on Solanum muricatum stay at the level of nutrition,and lack of in-depth mechanism research.This article for the first time studied the pharmacological action and chemically active components of the Solanum muricatum,providing guidance for the comprehensive development of the Solanum muricatum.The main research contents and results are as follows:(1)The research background of the resource distribution,botany characteristics and chemical composition of Muskmelon eggplant was introduced,and the research status of the chemical active ingredients in Solanum muricatum was analyzed based on the literature at home and abroad.Focuses on the extraction process and activity of flavonoids,soluble proteins,and polysaccharides from cantaloupe.At the same time,this section provides an overview of the anti-inflammatory,anti-hypertensive,anti-oxidative and anti-tumor activities of the extracts extracted from the different solvents of the Solanum muricatum.(2)In this paper,using the mature Solanum muricatum as raw material and using ethanol as the extraction solvent.Single factor and response surface optimization as the design method were taken to explore the best extracting technology of the extract of Solanum muricatum extrac using reflux extraction method.The results showed that the factors affecting extraction rate of extracts of Solanum oligosaccharide extract were as follows: extraction temperature> ethanol concentration> extraction time,and the optimum extraction process conditions were: extraction temperature 88 C,ethanol concentration 88 %,and extraction time at 2.7 h.Under this condition,the extraction rate of the extract of the Solanum muricatum ethanol extract was 31.56 % 1.16 %.(3)The extract of the Solanum muricatum extract was dissolved and suspended in distilled water,followed by extraction with petroleum ether,ethyl acetate and n-butanol,to obtain the extract fractions of the melon sourdough extract.The DPPH radical scavenging method,ABTS radical scavenging method,and reducing power experiment were used to evaluate the antioxidative capacity of the extracts of the Solanum muricatum.The results showed that the ethyl acetate extracts of Solanum muricatum had the strongest antioxidant capacity.The antioxidation ability of each sample was ranked as follows: ethyl acetate extract of Solanum muricatum > n-butanol extract of Solanum muricatum > ethyl alcohol extract of Solanum muricatum > petroleum ether extract of Solanum muricatum.(4)The disc diffusion method was used as the research method to study the inhibitory effects of the extracts of Solanum muricatum on the three common food-borne contaminants(Staphylococcus aureus,Salmonella,and Escherichia coli).The results showed that the extracts of Solanum muricatum all had certain inhibitory effects on the three food-borne contaminants.Among them,the ethyl acetate of Solanum muricatum extract had the strongest inhibitory effect on the three bacteria,and the petroleum ether extracts Bacteriostatic ability was higher than that of ethyl alcohol extract of Solanum muricatum.The n-butanol extract had the weakest antibacterial ability.(5)Using hepatoma cells(SK-Hep-1)as a screening target,CCK-8 method was used to detect the anti-proliferative effect of the extracts of the Solanum muricatum on the cells.The results showed that the ethyl acetate extract of Solanum muricatum had the strongest ability to inhibit the proliferation of SK-Hep-1 cells,and had the greatest effect on the morphology of cells.The petroleum ether extract of Solanum muricatum was the second most,which was much higher than other components,indicating that the ethyl acetate extract of Solanum muricatum contains the largest number of anti-tumor chemicals and providing direction for further separation and purification.(6)According to the results of the activity tests in chapters 3 and 4 of this experiment,with the activity tracking method as the guideline to identify the extract with the best comprehensive activity(ethyl acetate extract of Solanum muricatum).Ethyl acetate extract of Solanum muricatum was used as the separation target and the normal phase silica gel chromatography,Sephadex LH-20 gel chromatography and preparative chromatography were used to separate and purify the chemical constituents from ethyl acetate extract of Solanum muricatum.A total of six monomeric compounds were obtained.The chemical structures of the monomeric compounds obtained from the ethyl acetate extracts of the ethanol extracts of Muskmelon were analyzed by nuclear magnetic resonance(DEPT-135,1H-NMR,13C-NMR)and mass spectrometry analysis.The compounds were as follows: Solasonine(1),solamargine(2),Solasodine(3),ursolic acid(4),ferulic acid(5)and L-Epicatechin(6).
Keywords/Search Tags:Solanum muricatum, Antioxidant activity, Antibacterial activity, Antitumor activity, Chemical composition, Structure identification
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