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Research On An Economical Operation For Active Distribution Network With Distributed Energy Based On Multi-agent System

Posted on:2018-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330548978467Subject:Electrical engineering
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In recent years,the distributed renewable energy has been developed rapidly due to the characteristics of low investment threshold,clean and sustainable.However,because the problems and technical difficulties of generation fluctuation and forecast uncertainty need to be solved,the efficiency and development of distributed renewable energy are limited.Based on the flexible control of active distribution network(ADN),the economy of distributed renewable energy can be enhanced.The related research works have been carried out in this paper.Firstly,the data of generation and consumption is built in the long-term model,and the multi-agent system is used for optimal scheme for uncertain volatility.Moreover,for uncertain real time economic ranking optional operation plan,the rolling safety verification in power network is conducted.For the key technology of distributed resource,the rolling real-time economic ranking method and safety check method are used in order to solve how to calculate its economic performance,energy utilization scheme and how to calculate optimized benefit of active distribution network.The multi-agent system is used to build the model of active distribution network in the process of realization,and the system resources,each distributed node,and active distribution network can be independently controlled in each layer system respectively.At the same time,an information channel and coordination platform is built.Finally,an example experiment is carried out.The rationality and superiority of the method are demonstrated based on IEEE-33 nodes from the aspects of data production,interaction coordination and economy.It shows the method can be used to guide adjusting operation mode of the distributed resource,and make the distributed resources to gain profit in the range of security constraints.
Keywords/Search Tags:Active distribution network, distributed renewable resources, economic coordination and interaction, multi-agent system
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