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Research On Active Distribution Network Planning Model Based On Multi-agent Technology

Posted on:2021-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J P ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330611465005Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the gradual increase of grid connected capacity of distributed power supply such as wind power and photovoltaic,the traditional dispatching management mode has been unable to adapt to the new distribution network structure,and there are many disadvantages,such as voltage instability,power quality reduction,network loss increase and so on.Due to the randomness and instability of wind and light,and the proliferation of power system data,the traditional centralized management mode can't deal with information timely,and can't coordinate the output of distributed power generation in real time,resulting in the phenomenon of wind and light abandonment,resulting in the waste of new energy power generation capacity.Active distribution network can reasonably coordinate distributed energy and improve the consumption level of renewable energy.Active distribution network has a more complex structure,which also brings a greater challenge to distribution network planning.However,the traditional planning method has been used in active distribution network planning,which can't take into account the impact of the access of distributed power on the distribution network,so that it can give full play to the advantages of active distribution network.Multi-agent technology is a technology based on distributed artificial intelligence.Through the coordination of different agents,complex problems can be solved,and the scientificity and rationality of the solution can be further improved.By using multi-agent technology to study active distribution network planning,different planning methods can be further expanded,so that the scale of active distribution network can be continuously expanded.In order to solve the problems of distribution network structure,loss,voltage qualification rate and improve the economy of active distribution network operation,this paper constructs an active distribution network planning model based on multi-agent technology.Firstly,based on the analysis of the functions and characteristics of active distribution network,the task of active distribution network planning is defined.In order to realize the task of active distribution network planning based on multi-agent technology,this paper establishes two kinds of agents: one is topology agent related to distribution network structure,which is mainly responsible for the determination of distribution network structure,including distributed power agent,distribution line agent,load agent and distribution network topology agent;the other is algorithm agent,which is responsible for the determination of distribution network structure The power flow calculation and planning model solution of the system mainly include planning control agent,planning model agent,power flow calculation agent and genetic algorithm agent.Secondly,the distribution network topology agent,the distributed power agent and the distribution line agent are modeled,and the corresponding functional modules are obtained.The genetic operation mode of the genetic algorithm agent is defined,and the forward push back method is used as the calculation tool of the power flow calculation agent.Then,the content and process of information interaction between different agents are designed,and the coordination process between different agents is constructed.On this basis,the multi-agent system of active distribution network planning is established,which aims at the minimum of active distribution network construction,operation and maintenance cost and line loss.Genetic algorithm is used to solve the objective function,and the forward and backward method is used to calculate the power flow of active distribution network.Finally,using Zeus platform to build multi-agent system,select the active distribution network multi-agent planning example for analysis,according to the characteristics of the power supply area to be planned for parameter design and simulation.The simulation results verify the effectiveness of the active distribution network planning scheme,make the output of each distributed power supply cooperate with each other,and improve the economy of system operation,and provide a theoretical basis for the application of multi-agent system in the coordinated scheduling of active distribution network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Active distribution network, multi-agent system, ZEUS platform, genetic algorithm, distributed generation
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