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Design And Analysis Of A Cam Compressor

Posted on:2020-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Compressors can be seen everywhere in industry and life.There are many kinds of gas compressors,among which piston structure is the most widely used.The piston and connecting rod parts of piston compressor occupy a large volume in the cylinder,which can not be used well,resulting in large volume and compact structure.Rotor compressor is also widely used in the field of small low pressure.Rotor compressor has small volume,simple structure and easy maintenance.But the compressed gas pressure is low,which limits the use of this compressor in high-pressure places.According to the characteristics of the traditional compressor,a cam compressor is designed in this paper,compared with piston compressor,crankshaft and connecting rod are omitted and the volume is smaller.Gas can be compressed twice to further increase gas exhaust pressure in a working cycle.In addition,two stages of compression can be accomplished in one cycle(piston compressor and rotor compressor can only compress once a week).For the new compressor,this paper has the following several parts of research:(1)In the structural design,the constant width cam is used as the original moving part as the power source of compressed gas.As the cam rotates,the first-order gas is compressed,and the gas discharged at the same time can be compressed twice,Two stages of compression can be completed in one cycle,and then the designed compressor is simulated and analyzed to verify the rationality of the structure design.(2)Formula deduction of theoretical intake volume of compressor,and the theoretical volume formula is obtained.Comparing with the theoretical volume of the rotor compressor.Compressor size is designed according to theoretical volume,and then the working volume and compression ratio of the compressor's first compressor chamber are analyzed.(3)In the fluid simulation part,the dynamic grid technology is used to simulate and analyze the internal flow field of the first and second stage compression chambers of the cam compressor.The pressure,temperature and velocity clouds of the internal flow field are analyzed when the cam rotates,so as to understand the dynamic characteristics of the compressor at different times and the pressure and temperature distribution of the internal flow field at the same time.(4)The contact process between the compressor cam and the first compressor chamber is analyzed by transient dynamics.According to the analysis results,the cam thickness is optimized and compared,and the appropriate cam thickness is obtained.The optimized cam is analyzed by modal analysis to verify the rationality of the optimized cam.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cam Compressor, SoildWorks, Flow Field Analysis, Transient Dynamics Analysis, Optimization Design
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