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Research On AC Charging Pile Design And Intelligent Charging Control Strategy For Electric Vehicles

Posted on:2020-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330572961573Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Electric vehicles are the representative of green transportation and also the direction of the future development of automobile industry.Electric vehicle charging facilities are the premise for electric vehicles to obtain market-oriented operations,which must ensure the simultaneous development of electric vehicles and their charging facilities.Charging pile is one of the main power supply equipment for electric vehicles at the present stage,which makes the study of electric charging piles and their charging strategies has great significance.This topic is based on the above background to carry out the study on electric vehicle AC charging piles and their charging strategies.This thesis summarizes the functional requirements of electric vehicles' charging piles at present then determines the overall scheme,operation process and business logic of the charging pile.The hardware system of the charging pile use the on-chip peripheral resources of STM32 microprocessor to design peripheral circuits to form the main control board.The interacting data with peripheral devices,detecting status of charging interface and controlling the on/off of charging output circuit are completed by the main control board.The software system of the charging pile is base on the operating system of ?COS-?.Five main tasks of the charging pile system(touch screen communication task,RFID communication task,watt-hour meter communication task,GPRS communication task and system detection task)and switching logic between tasks are designed to realize the whole control flow of charging pile.A series of tests are conducted like the safety test of hardware,the joint test of software and hardware,communication stability test and safety protection test between the charging pile and the remote management system after the completion of the charging pile prototype according to the design scheme.The test results show that the charging pile designed by this study has the advantages of intelligent and concise human-computer interaction,stable and reliable system operation,high security of user data and pile data,which fully meet the charging needs of electric vehicle users.This thesis designed an intelligent orderly charging strategy aiming at the problem that the disorderly charging of large-scale electric vehicles may have a negative impact on the power grid after the increase of the number of electric vehicles.Firstly,the Monte Carlo method is used to simulate the disorderly charging by the charging model established.Then,the function model and constraints of multi-objective orderly charging on the user side and the grid side are established,afterwards the improved genetic algorithm is used to simulate the orderly charging case.The simulation results of disorderly charging and orderly charging show that the orderly charging strategy can effectively guide the charging behavior of electric vehicles.The strategy designed in this thesis has a significant effect in reducing the peak-valley load difference and maximum peak value of the power grid and also reducing the charging cost of users.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electric vehicle, AC charging pile, Monte Carlo method, grid load, genetic algorithm, orderly charging strategy
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