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Research On Molybdenum Control System Of Compressor Crankshaft

Posted on:2020-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330572970174Subject:Control engineering
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Crankshaft,as one of the important moving parts of piston compressor,is widely used in various types of compressors.Compared with ordinary firmware,crankshaft used in compressor usually needs surface treatment,and spraying treatment is one of the important surface treatment methods.When the crankshaft works,the crank pin and the main journal will slip relatively,so the spraying process of the crankshaft surface,the spraying material of the crankshaft and the uniformity of spraying have very high requirements.The traditional manual spraying method can't meet the requirement of product output in terms of quality stability and work efficiency.When crankshaft runs for a long time,the friction coefficient of crank pin and spindle neck increases,which leads to worsening of friction.It directly affects the service performance and wear life of crankshaft.Simple surface spraying materials can't meet the quality of products.Therefore,it is necessary to find a high efficiency and high quality automatic spraying method to solve the problem of insufficient control effect and ensure the quality of spraying.Firstly,the existing surface spraying methods are analyzed,and the spraying materials and spraying methods which can improve the working performance of crankshaft are introduced.At the same time,the existing surface treatment process requirements of compressor crankshaft are understood,and an automatic spraying system controlled by upper and lower computer is designed.The design idea of the whole system is modular design.The control system is divided into three important modules,namely,precise positioning module,spraying control module and environmental protection module.The precise positioning module uses the improved position feedforward PID control mode to achieve the precise positioning of crankshaft.Spraying control module is composed of air pump,solenoid valve and nozzle.The control mode combines frequency converter and hard scan to control multi-axis.The automatic spraying path is planned according to manual spraying.Environmental protection module,using water curtain and fan to achieve the recycling of residual paint.On this basis,the hardware of the molybdenum coating control system for compressor crankshaft is designed,and the main circuit diagram and the main electrical schematic diagram of the control system are also designed.Secondly,the molybdenum coating control system of compressor crankshaft is a high precision automatic spraying system for crankshaft,so the crankshaft precise positioning module is an important part of the system which can precisely spray.For the crankshaft precise positioning module,the mathematical model of the servo positioning drive system is established,which lays a theoretical foundation for the crankshaft precise positioning.Finally,the software program of each part of the system is designed by Blog software,the touch screen is designed by WinCC configuration software,and the field data is read by communication between WinCC and Siemens PLC to complete the dynamic monitoring of spraying process.
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