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Vibration Analysis Of Double-layer Steel Frame Based On Digital Image Processing Technology

Posted on:2020-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590457804Subject:Architecture and civil engineering
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Frame structure with its excellent mechanical properties,whether in the city CBD in the high-rise buildings,or ordinary people's own residential homes,you can see the frame structure as the core of the building figure.The research direction of modern architecture is to make the building higher,and naturally it requires that the bearing capacity and mechanical properties of the building can be satisfied.In addition to the study of new materials,to improve the material properties of the external structure of the design is reasonable,whether its dynamic performance to meet the requirements must also be considered.One of the purposes of modal analysis is to obtain the modal parameters of the structure for evaluating the dynamic performance of the structure,so this paper selects a typical model in the frame,that is,a double-layer steel frame model,and uses digital image processing technology to carry out modal analysis of the model,and the results obtained by the modal parameters and the finite element are compared and analyzed.,it is found that the accuracy of digital image processing technology meets the requirements,and it is proved that the application of this method in this space structure is feasible.The main research results of this paper are as follows:(1)This paper introduces the common centralized forms of frame structure,and introduces the development,identification method and application of modal analysis in detail.In addition,the development status of digital graph first processing technology is introduced,the application principle of Canny operator is introduced emphatically,and the original whole pixel edge is processed into sub-pixel edge by using two-dimensional orthogonal polynomial fitting,which greatly improves the accuracy of the experiment and demonstrates the advantages of digital image processing technology compared with the traditional test method.(2)The finite element simulation analysis of the two-layer steel frame model is carried out by using two different large finite element software of Midasi civil and ANSYS,and the first six-order frequency and vibration pattern of the model are obtained.The real modal parameters of the model are obtained by using the traditional test method,and all the sensors are calibrated again during the test.(3)Digital Image processing technology in the past is to deal with linear or planar structure,and double-layer steel frame structure belongs to the spatial structure,each measuring point has two different surface displacement,so this experiment uses two camera seats from two different directions to shoot the model,By issuing the sound pulse,the time calibration of two cameras with inconsistent starting points is carried out,the time synchronization of the two cameras is realized,and the sub-pixel edges are used to improve the test progress,and the first six-order modes and frequencies of the model are analyzed.(4)By comparing the results of all the methods done,the modal parameters of the double-layer steel frame structure and their dynamic characteristics are first understood,and then by comparing the results of various tests,it is seen that the accuracy of the results made by Digital image processing technology is fully in line with the requirements,Such an efficient method of digital image processing technology is provided for the subsequent study of spatial structures such as frameworks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Double-layer steel frame structure, digital image processing technology, modal analysis, edge detection
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