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Structural Performance Analysis Of Central Braced Frame With WHPs

Posted on:2020-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590457831Subject:Architecture and civil engineering
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The web hourglass shape pins(WHPs)is a new type of yielding energy consuming component,which has the advantages of the advantages of high strength,ductility,energy dissipation capacity and no rust.The WHPs is arranged at the brace end of the braced frame structure,and the axial force of the WHPs can be achieved,and the main structural members are protected by yielding energy dissipation of the WHPs.After the earthquake,only the WHPs can be replaced to restore the structure and have good social and economic benefits.In this paper,the numerical simulation method is used to analyze the seismic performance of the central braced frame structure with WHPs systematically.The main contents are as follows:The finite element software ABAQUS is used to numerically simulate the reciprocating loading test of the WHPs in the related literature.The reliability of the finite element modeling method is verified by comparison with the experimental results.A refined finite element model of single-layer single-span central braced frame with WHPs was established,and push-over analysis and hysteresis analysis were carried out,and compared with the performance of the central braced frame.Studies have shown that the central braced frame with WHPs has obvious yielding timing,firstly the yield of the WHPs,then the frame beam and the brace yielding,and finally the bottom of frame column yielding.However,large plastic deformation occurs in the compressive brace of the central braced frame,resulting in a sudden decrease of the bearing capacity.The parameter analysis of 12 single-layer single-span central braced frames with WHPs was carried out.Based on the variation of the size and number of WHPs and the section size of the brace,the effects of stiffness,yield bearing capacity and combination form of the WHPs on the structural failure mode and main seismic performance indexes were studied.The research results show that the design indexes of the stiffness and yield bearing capacity of the WHPs are relatively independent.Keeping the yield bearing capacity constant,increasing the stiffness of the WHPs can simultaneously improve the stiffness and bearing capacity of the structure.Keeping the stiffness of the WHPs unchanged,increasing the yield bearing capacity of the WHPs can improve the bearing capacity of the structure without affecting its stiffness.Under cycle horizontal load,the hysteresis curve of the central braced frame structure with WHPs is full and has good energy dissipation capacity.Designed a 12-layer central braced frame and central braced frame with WHPs for response spectrum analysis,dynamic time history analysis and static elastoplastic analysis,and the seismic performance and plasticity development of the components were investigated and compared.The results show that the setting of WHPs can effectively reduce the seismic action of the structure.Under fortification earthquake,the WHPs yields and protects the brace and the frame.Under major earthquake,the setting of WHPs significantly improved the plastic energy dissipation capacity of the structure,and plastic damage concentrates on replaceable WHPs.
Keywords/Search Tags:WHPs, Braced Frame, Energy dissipation, Seismic performance
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