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Research On The Application Of Niaoyuhuaxiang Products Design

Posted on:2020-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2392330596485076Subject:Art and design
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The vigorous development of China's cultural and creative industry has attracted much attention to cultural and creative design,among which the modern design of traditional culture has become the current design boom.As the supreme treasure of Chinese civilization,Chinese characters have undergone thousands of years of evolution and development,which contains the unique thinking mode and aesthetic psychology of the Chinese nation.In particular,ancient Chinese characters with primitive flavor present diversified development forms and have strong vitality.Therefore,learning and studying the origin,development and design and application of ancient Chinese characters is a necessary way to inherit excellent traditional culture.Therefore,we need to use modern design methods to bring people new ways to interpret traditional culture,explore new ideas for the redesign of ancient Chinese characters,and integrate traditional culture into people's lives in a creative way of "Moistening things silently"."The Bronze Kettle Inlaid with Gold and Sliver and with Sealed Characters Motifs" which is now stored in Hebei Museum.It is a cultural heritage with high artistic and cultural value.The complex and mysterious design of bird seal script is an ancient Chinese character with decorative style.This project by what bird seal letter as the research object,by consulting relevant literature,the museum research,to the birds seal letter,cultural connotation are analyzed,summarized what bird seal letter the structure characteristics of birds seal letter auspicious meanings combined with the traditional auspicious element feasibility of graphical design,providing theoretical basis for practice.Based on the "The Bronze Kettle Inlaid with Gold and Sliver and with Sealed Characters Motifs","Niaoyuhuaxiang"(birds singing in blooming flowers)cultural creation products combine Chinese ancient decorative fonts,auspicious patterns,paper-cutting,New Year paintings and other cultural elements with national characteristics.From this point of view,on the basis of combing the structural features and strokes of the bronze pot inscriptions,modern font design method is applied to integrate seal script strokes and extract graphic elements of auspicious implication for grafting and combination with the new font,so that the visual symbols of this kind of graphics can be better recognized and the characters can be more intuitive and readable.The products take "Pray for good luck and avoiding evil" as the creative point,and design a set of four products such as "Warding off Evil Spirits and Incense",which is in line with contemporary people's lifestyle and aesthetic interest.The re-design of the bronze pot bird seal script can make the ancient Chinese characters more suitable for modern people's reading habits and at the same time spread the national culture.By means of modern design,products are endowed with functionality and aesthetics to realize their potential economic and cultural values.The purpose of the product is to convey auspicious,express the positive attitude of yearning for a better life,feel the ancients love beauty,express the beauty of life interest,add a sense of life ceremony,enhance the emotional exchange between people.The design practice organically combines the traditional culture and the modern design new way,causes the people to experience the living aesthetics and the cultural custom,the traditional culture has been popularized and glowed with vigor.
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