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Optimization And Analysis Of Distributed Energy Resources System With Energy Storage For A Station Complex

Posted on:2020-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T L FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330599958674Subject:Architecture and Civil Engineering
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The distributed energy resources(DER)system,with the advantages in economy,energy consumption and low pollution load,has become one of the directions to solve China's energy problems.It is an important subject that how to make the capacity of cooling,heating and electrical power of DER system match with each other.A good way to improving system's economy,reliability and energy efficiency is to store the excess energy with the energy storage device,then release it as needed.This paper based on the load characteristic of a station located in hot summer and cold winter areas,design different DER system with energy storage.Exploring the influence of load demand relationship and equipment selection on the DER system performance.The heat-to-electric ratio of building reflects the building's energy consumption basically.In this paper,the electric load of station's non-air conditioning areas are reduced for increasing the heat-to-electric ratio of station.To study the influence of heat-to-electric ratio on the DER system with energy storage,heat-to-electric ratio is chosen as the optimization variable in this paper.And design DER system with energy storage in different heat-to-electric ratio.In order to study the influence of equipment selection and capacity on system operation,a variety of system schemes are designed according to different equipment selection.In the TRNSYS simulation platform of DER system,the running condition of each system scheme is simulated respectively depending on different input conditions.The simulation results of each system scheme are analyzed.Each DER system scheme is evaluated with the index of energy efficiency,economy and environmental protection.The analysis and optimization suggestions of evaluation results are given.In this paper,DER system without energy storage is taken as the reference object.By comparison and analysis,the following conclusions have been drawn.The DER system with energy storage is better than the DER system without energy storage in all of the heat-to-electric ratios.When the heat-to-electric ratio is less than 1.0,the system with energy storage has less advantages in thermal performance.When the heat-to-electric ratio is greater than or equal to 1.3,the energy efficiency of the system with energy was significantly improved.The energy storage scheme has greater economic and environmental benefits at a higher heat-to-electric ratio.Among all the DER system schemes which were designed in this paper,the DER system with energy storage under 1.8 heat-to-electric ratio has the best assessment results.Reasonably reducing the capacity of absorption chiller is helpful to optimize the economic efficiency of the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Railway Station Complex, Distributed Energy Resources System, Energy Storage, Heat-to-electric Ratio, TRNSYS Simulation Platform, Optimization and Analysis of System
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