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Effects Of Erythritol,a Natural Sweetener,on The Survival And Behavior Of Red Imported Fire Ant Solenopsis Invicta Buren

Posted on:2017-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2393330566954329Subject:Agricultural Extension
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Red imported fire ant,Solenopsis invicta Buren,which has caused serious harm in Southern China,is one of the most dangerous invasive pests.Chemical control has been the main method to control red imported fire ant.However,long-term use of chemical pesticides might have caused environmental pollution and adverse effects on native species.Aiming at reducing the use of chemical pesticides and environment pollution,as well as providing scientific basis for developing new environment friendly pharmaceuticals and prevention and control,this article screened out sweetener with high toxic effect on red imported fire ant and investigated its control efficiency on ant colony and effect on their behaviors,so as to further develop sweetener bait and assesses its efficacy.The main results are as follows:1 Toxic effect of erythritol on re d imported fire ant and the way it transferred in ant colonyThe screening test found that mortality of red imported fire ant showed significant difference by treating with different sweeteners.The mortality rate of workers treated with saccharin,erythritol and aspartame was above 80%,which was significantly higher than the others.Therefore,the natural sweetener erythritol was selected to further determine its toxic activity on different fire ants.The results indicated that the toxic effect of erythritol at different concentration on workers,females and larvae were significantly different,but not on males.In addition,with the extension of time,mortality rate increased continuously.The mortality rate of reproductive ants taking 0.1g/mL and 0.2g/mL erythritol solution was higher than 90%after 72 hours and reached 100%after 9 days by taking erythritol solution at different concentration,while the mortality rate of larvae fed by erythritol solution at various concentrations was above 80%after 8 days.The transfer speed of erythritol in the ant colony is rapid,and the result showed that the workers were dyed 100%after 24 hours.Erythritol can also be quickly transferred to reproductive ants.The dyeing rate of female reproductive ants was 100%after 48 hours,while that of larvae reached 73.33%after the same time.2 Effect of erythritol on foraging behaviorTaking sweetener had significant impact on the foraging behavior of workers.The searching time for workers taking erythritol aqueous solution to find the food was about 5minutes,prominently longer than the time of the control group.The number of nestmates recruited by workers taking 10%sucrose solution in 40min reached the peak 46.2,while the number recruited by workers taking 0.05g/mL erythritol aqueous solution was only 24.8,and with more 5 minutes.At each observing time,it was noticed that workers taking 10%sucrose solution carried more food than workers taking erythritol aqueous solution.It to ok about 36.1 minutes for workers taking erythritol aqueous solution to carry 0.5g food,but only 14.5 minutes for workers taking 10%sucrose solution.3 Effect of erythritol on necrophoric behaviorThe results showed that taking sweeteners had great impact on finding nestmates'corpse for workers.It took about 8.13 minutes for workers taking 0.05g/mL erythritol aqueous solution to find the nestmates'corpse,while less than 3.45 minutes for workers taking 10%sucrose water.Workers taking 0.05g/mL erythritol aqueous solution began to discard the nestmates'corpse after 37.5 minutes and finished in around 5.37 hours,while workers taking 10%sucrose water discarded after 20 minutes and finished within 3.08 hours.4 The control effect of erythritol+syrup baits on red imported fire ant colonyThe results showed that the toxic effect of erythritol at different concentration on syrup bait was significantly different.Treated by syrup baits at the concentration of 0.05g/mL of erythritol and sugar?as control group?respectively,the mortality rates of workers were both lower than 15%,but reached 100%on the 6t h days at the concentration of 0.1g/mL of erythritol,which also higher at any observing time.Different interval of baits usage significantly affected the toxic effect on workers and larvae.When the interval was 18hours,the mortality rate of workers reached 100%on the 7t h day.And the mortality rate at each observing time was much higher than other intervals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fire ant bait, sweeteners, toxicity, foraging behavior, necrophoric behavior
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