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Based On Gis And Rs Forest Fire Behavior Prediction

Posted on:2005-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z W HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2193360122995627Subject:Forest management
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Fire spreading has the feature of time and space. With the rapid development of 3S spatial information technology and the increasingly growth knowledge of fire disaster ,It pays a more and more important role in conducting fire behavior forecast within the field of fire prevention by means of GIS technology. Fire behavior pattern is closely related with the change of fire intensity. Owing to changeable atmosphere condition, sophisticated terrain and Vegetation distribution, even different fire spreading direction can cause the obviously change of fire intensity, so cause the change of fire pattern. It is difficult to describe it in a general conception since the affected factor of fire behavior are varied and its complex mechanism. By means of remote sensing and GIS object-oriented as a tool which studies the change law and spatial pattern of fire behavior is an important method for the future .The paper analyses the present study status of fire spreading research and the affected factors of fire spreading also points out the question and insufficient existing on technology and method about it at present .For the purpose of study on forecasting fire behavior and the visualization of fire spreading simulation,the paper is concentrated on analyzing the different kinds of forest fire spreading models and their application conditions based on setting forth some influencing factors such as fuels .. topography and wind .it is referred that choosing a specified model will play an important role in forecasting the actual fire field .In screening fire spreading model,the four basic principles are put forward,those are the function of model ,the model's individual characteristics and the frequency of model and its testimony . On the basis of this ,this paper puts forwards a new kind of fire spreading and forecast model based on GIS technology ,the remote sensing technology .mathematics modeling .the modeling forecast forest fire by building base database of forest fire .analyzing factors leads to forest fire .building the models about forest fire and prediction .this model can promote develop and perfect theory and technology of forest fire . On the basis of analyses comprehensively the practical requirement of forest fire prevention in Guangzhou City, the paper adopts ArcGIS8.3 , VC++6.0 as the basic platform and ERDAS IMAGINE , mathematics knowledge as sharp tool which designs the basic geography information subsystem , remote sensing real monitor system , computer simulation of fire behavior. Followed this function fire prevention guider can make forceful decision which serve as fire prevention scheme.The main contents and conclusions as follows:(1) Building the model of fire spreading.(2) The Basic Geography Information Function. It integrated some GIS function which the fire prevention guider are concerned,such as geography information querying, magnify map , deflate map roaming map , measure map. The design of fireproofing separate line while fire spreading.(3) Computer simulation of fire behavior. The simulation of fire spreading is a basis for fire behavior forecast.(4)This system puts forward fire spreading model according to local situation and implements fire behavior simulation successfully on GIS platform through analyses some pertain factors concerned on fire behavior.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guangzhou city, GIS and RS technology, fire spreading, computer simulation, fire behavior
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