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On C-E Translation Of The Idioms In Selected Works Mao Tse-tung

Posted on:2018-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330515491671Subject:Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
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An idiom is a Chinese nation since ancient times constantly used and created by the thoroughly tempered vocabulary essence(Zong Zhaorong:2006)."Selected works mao tse-tung"idioms contain abundant metaphors,it expresses the unique Chinese way of thinking,it not only enriched the Chinese culture,profound,beautiful melody,concise and comprehensive to convey the thoughts of Mao Zedong,Chairman Mao or experience long life practice of condensation is also a reflection of the Chinese Cultural Psychology(Yu Lingli:2014).How to faithfully and accurately these idioms into Uighur,it is a big problem of "Mao xuan" in the process of Uighui translation.Cognitive linguistics has developed rapidly in recent years.With the development of cognitive science,it has evolved into one of the new language schools.In the process of cognitive linguistics,conceptual metaphor is no longer confined to the level of rhetoric metaphor,which has penetrated into people's daily life,even in the language thinking and action.Lakoff first proposed the concept of "metaphor" in 1980,he and John co authored "the metaphors we liveby" to experience philosophy,the traditional philosophy,the metaphor of cognitive linguistics to explore.This cognitive turn is gradually applied to the study of metaphor translation.Based on the conceptual metaphor theory as a guide,to maintain the "Selected works mao tse-tung" in the examples of idioms as the research object,discusses the cognition of metaphor translation methods on the dimemsion.The full text is divided into six parts.First,the imtroduction gives a brief overview of the research background,the significuance of the study,and the significance of the study of the meaning of idioms.The first chapter is the literature review and theoretical overview of this thesis,which clarifies the current situation of the study of conceptual metaphor theory and the translation of idioms in Mao's selections.In the second chapter,the author summarizes and summarizes the origin and characteristics of idioms in Mao's election.The third and the four chapter are the focus of this paper.In the third chapter,on author makes an assumption of the adaptive factors in the process of the translation of the idioms in the process of "Selected works mao tse-tung".The fourth chapter introduces the processing method from the perspective of conceptual metaphor theory "Selected works mao tse-tung" in idiom translation dimension,will be "Selected works mao rse-tung" in idiom translation methods are summarized as:literal translation,literal translation,free translation,literal translation and free translation,borrowing,abbreviation,conversion method of seven methods,from which the tendency from the perspective of conceptual metaphor theory "Selected works mao tse-tung" idioms Uighur translation method,namely literal translation is the preferred method for idioms transiation dimension.Finally,the conclusion part emphasizes that metaphor transiation of idioms as a cultural translator's cognitive dipension experience as the basis,in the process of translation between Chinese and Uygur cultural context,context has a certain effect on the translation of metaphor,directly reflected in the choice of translation methods.This part mainly summarizes the research and limitations of this paper,and the topics to be further discussed in this field.The author hopes that through the analysis of idioms in translation,to enhance the understanding of Uyghur readers "Selected works mao tse-tung" the source language culture,and provide a reference for the future exploration of Uygur translation of Chairman Mao's works and related research.
Keywords/Search Tags:"Selected works mao tse-tung" in the idiom, conceptual metaphor, translation methods
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