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A Contrastive Research Of The Discourse Features Of American And Chinese English Sports News——ASociolinguistic Perspective

Posted on:2019-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330545956491Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Nowadays in the world,sports news,as a particular type of discourse,becomes a significant medium for people to understand the world and has a great value of sociolinguistic research,due to its features like specific context,flexible signification and dynamic language.But the status qua of research about it is far from satisfactory.Three major problems in the previous studies are: 1)Most of them focus on the superficial linguistic study and their research perspective is simple.Not much of the research reveals the deep sociological significance through the analysis of discourse structure;2)There is a lack of contrastive studies about discourse features of American and Chinese English sports news,especially the research about contrastive analysis of discourse features of American and Chinese English sports news from a sociolinguistic perspective;3)The former discourse studies fail to deeply reveal the integration of discourse structure and discourse function of the variable features of American and Chinese English sports news.Accordingly,the current study analyzes the discourses of American English(AE)and Chinese English(CE)sports news and tries to achieve the following three research objectives: 1)This study aims to make a contrast about the linguistic features between American and Chinese English sports news by analyzing their discourse structure and discourse function on the basis of a combination of Systemic Function Linguistics and Sociological Discourse Analysis.The study focuses on the cultural difference between mother tongue and target language,to advance the surface research by the deep research.2)The study uses the authoritative sports news internet with the large circulation as the chief source,and selects the latest CE and AE sports news as the data resource to conduct the statistic analysis.The study uses the analytical theory and mode of discourse structure,analyzes the induction and reduction of CE and AE discourse structure form and variation features of function and its origin.3)This study adopts the following methods: contrast,induction,reduction,analysis on CE and AE sports news discourse structure and discourse function.It uses the contrastive method to compare the language characteristics of different news report discourse,for the revealing of the sociological deep significance of Chinese English discourse structure,and the exploring of the sociolinguistic features of Chinese English sports news discourse variations.Systemic Function Linguistics is a mainstream thought of sociolinguistic research,and can be a theoretical model and the research methodology of linguistic research.It is a theory to study the language and linguistic research based on social contextualbackground,emphasizes the close relation between system of language form and language significance,and pays attention to the inner relation of discourse analysis and sociolinguistic theory.The core of Systemic Function Linguistics has broken through the strict boundary of applied linguistics and sociolinguistics,which broadens the sociolinguistic research area to benefit the theory itself.Then,this research is in line with the basic idea of this thought.This study contrasts the thematic structure of CE and AE sports news and the results show that CE and AE discourse models have the same amount of constant theme progression and simple linear progression models,but the AE discourse structure model leads in the amount of constant theme progression and simple linear progression model while CE discourse structure model leads in the amount of constant rheme progression and converse linear progression;the reason to form the structural model originates from the cultural difference of hypotactic and of paratactic thoughts of CE and AE discourse structure,emotional narrative and rational analysis of nations of China and American,introversion and extroversion,induction and deduction of different mode of thinking.As a variation form,American English has the features of cultural influential power,hence,plays a leading role in culture in the world.Chinese English sports news discourse shows the convergent feature of sociolinguistics in the cultural context,keeping the characteristics of Chinese specific thinking and enriching the sociolinguistic features of variation of Chinese English sports news.This study contrasts the discourse function of CE and AE sports news and the findings indicate that,both CE and AE sport news discourse lay particular stress on material process and relational process.The verbal process in CE sports news discourse is obviously less than that in AE sports news discourse;CE sports news discourse is gradually convergent to the AE sports news discourse,which indicates the mature of CE,and becomes more specialized and international;both CE and AE sports news reveal modality of median value and low value,but AE sports news discourses use more on modality of high value;In terms of expression,CE sports news discourses are more implicit,whereas AE sports news discourses are more explicit;CE sports news discourses have more paratactic mode,particular about the topic sentence,and stress on the experience and intuition.AE sports news discourses emphasize explicit mode,pay attention to the subject-predicate mode,and focus on the complete form system.The research findings indicate that,the variation of Chinese English emerges from the national psychology and way of thought which is mainly paratactic,at the same time,it is influenced by the features of hypotactic form of English discourses,therefore,it presents the sociolinguistic features of combination of hypotactic and paratactic language,form and significance mode.The research finds that in the multicultural context,Chinese English users use English based on their personal need and understanding by their particular way to construct their own system,presenting the special and abundant characteristics of the region;It is necessary to analyze the discourse features of CE and AE sports news from a sociolinguistic perspective,in a comprehensive,developing and dynamic view,to prove the variations in the discourse structure and discourse function of CE and AE sports news.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Discourse Structure, Discourse Function, Contrasting Research
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