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Relies On A Press Conference Discourse Analysis

Posted on:2010-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360275995124Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Press conference can be divided into three categories by the content and the degree of formality. This paper is that a press conference on corrent political affairs, such press conference is a communication activity which took place in the context of professional. It has a specific communication tasks, one part of the communication is a professional journalist who has the professional background, the other part ---the spokesman who stands not only himself but also representatives the country. The Press conference subordinates to a press conference news style, is a colloquial form of a formal style.The "one question one answer" mode by journalist and spokesman determines the subject of a press conference on current political affairs is determined by the reporter's interest, but because of the situational context, the scope of questions is limited, which usually contains political, economic, international relations, this three topics can be seen from the use of the vocabulary.In the right there is no obvious"constraint and be constrainted"relationship, but the Chinese tens of thousands of"official"culture determine the rights between the two are unequal. This can be seen from the title of both sides. In addition, both sides do not have any deep emotional or frequent contacts, which reflected in language is tone of the system is basically saying bluntly, there is little change in sentence, modal systems, often recognize the expression form of "necessary" or "probability" strong modal verb, a rare occurrence in some of the words entirely speculative.At the press conference, both sides play multiple roles, the reporter works as the topic of the introduction, the speaker, the audience when the spokesman speaking. And the spokesman stands as promoters ofthe topic, story teller, the government spokesman, and the role of individual .The press conference as a professional model happened in the Context of the conversation, the discourse structure is divided into three parts: the beginning of discourse structure, discourse structure and the end of the structure of the main discourse. Each part of them must be used in"question and answer"mode. Communicative discourse is always a certain degree of communication in order to achieve mission, the press conference to assume the transmission of information to promote the ideology, advocating political policies and a government with credibility of the discourse function. Discourse in order to achieve its function, communication must use both strategies of discourse.Press conference as a medium of instruction, it is different from newspapers and other media, television interviews, the use of its vocabulary, grammar, rhetoric, pragmatics, etc. has its own characteristics, especially in terms the use of the more prominent features, this article select a representative to do a five corpus statistics, their characteristics at a glance.
Keywords/Search Tags:press conference, the scope of discourse, the tone of discourse, the role of discourse, the structure of discourse discourse strategy, vocabulary Character
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