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An Analysis Of The Elements Of Wood Engraving In Modern Decorative Painting Art

Posted on:2019-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2405330545973189Subject:Art and design
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Woodblock New Year pictures is one of the most representative of traditional folk art in our country,is our country traditional familiar symbol placements,its unique artistic style and cultural connotation,reflect our country folk mass aesthetic taste.New Year pictures and decorative paintings have a lot of isomorphism in artistic expression,and the new thinking is a new platform for the development of traditional folk art.Nowadays,cultural exchange and integration in various countries form a multi-interactive era.People's spiritual needs for aesthetics are getting higher and higher,and how traditional folk art can keep up with The Times is worth pondering.Decorative painting on the basis of the development of The Times,with the technique of expression of modern art elements of woodcut New Year pictures into decorative painting to innovation,show the heritage and development of the country's traditional culture,this kind of decorative painting still has a distinctive national style and modern.This paper first introduces the origin and subject of the woodblock New Year painting,and analyzes the regional and artistic features of the three traditional Chinese traditional woodblock paintings.The second part through to the decoration painting art characteristics,analysis of klimt decorative paintings,Japanese yamato-e,Gu Liming for woodblock New Year pictures elements in paintings from various angles to imitate and reference,bring their own painting creation inspiration and train of thought.The third part discusses the two aspects of aesthetic and cultural value,woodcut New Year's paintings from the aesthetic needs of today's mass and traditional artistic innovation two aspects discusses the significance of development of woodcut New Year's paintings,therefore,the author's creation in the era of modern society is the corresponding value.In the fourth part discusses the decorative art of woodcut New Year pictures elements using the method,on the basis of the New Year paintings and decorative painting homogeneity,in individual creation of new creative ideas and techniques,respectively from the traditional symbol of reengineering,color composition,layout,emotional expression and innovation of material composition of personal painting creation steps.Break new fixed mode with a concept of modern decoration art of traditional symbol placements,with new artistic expression,make pictures out of the definition of "year",with the breath of the traditional elements,in line with the modern people's aesthetic taste,break through the traditional art in the context of contemporary gradually ignored,appealed for the focus of traditional art and culture,let those with special traditional culture and moral folk woodcut New Year pictures can better inheritance and development in the modern painting.
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