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An Emprical Research On The Impact Of Native Language Transfer On English Writing Of The High School Students

Posted on:2019-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English writing plays an important role in English teaching in China,which is a fusion of lexical,syntactic,textual and background knowledge.It can reflect the students' English comprehensive application ability and the teachers' performance.In order to improve senior high school students' English writing,it is necessary to find out the problems in their study.Then teachers change their teaching methods according to the problems.This dissertation mainly explores the influence of language transfer on senior high school students' English writing.Through analyzing students' styles to learn writing and problems in their writing,it can be found out that which aspect in English writing is influenced by language transfer.And then,teachers can make new teaching method which makes use of the positive transfer of language and overcomes the negative transfer according to the results of the study.This dissertation is divided into six chapters: Chapter One is the introduction which introduces the background,purpose and method of the dissertation.The second chapter is literature review,including the domestic and foreign researches on language transfer.The third chapter is the theoretical basis.It defines language transfer and interlingual transfer.It also reviews the history of language transfer(the production process of contrastive analysis theory,interlanguage theory).The fourth chapter is interlanguage transfer in senior high school English writing.The fifth chapter is empirical research,including research design,research process and analysis of data.The last chapter is conclusion and reflection.It summarizes the findings of study,the implication of the findings to the teaching of English writing and the reflection on the insufficient part of the research.The research plays an important role in improving teachers' teaching methods,improving high school students' English writing and enhancing students' comprehensive capability of English.
Keywords/Search Tags:language transfer, English writing, positive transfer, negative transfer
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