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Research On Brick Carving Art Of Traditional Residential Buildings In Weinan,Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2020-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330572973068Subject:Art theory
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Brick carving is a kind of carving technology based on bricks and stones.It is an important decorative part of Chinese traditional ancient architecture,with high artistic value.Weinan City is located in Guanzhong District of Shaanxi Province,and there are still many buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties.These brick carvings of traditional houses reflect people's lifestyle,folk culture,religious beliefs and aesthetic consciousness.This article will take Weinan traditional brick carving art and its connotation as the research object.The main contents of this paper are as follows:First,study the history of Chinese brick carving art.By studying the development history of brick carving art,the necessity of studying brick carving art in Weinan area is analyzed and discussed.Secondly,the theme and implication of brick carving art in Weinan traditional dwellings in Shaanxi Province are studied.Weinan brick carving has its unique artistic characteristics and modeling style.This paper classifies the themes and implications of brick carving collected and studies them one by one,and summarizes the reasons for the formation of Weinan brick carving characteristics.Thirdly,it explores the art form of brick carving in Weinan traditional dwellings in Shaanxi Province.They are studied from three aspects: sculpture techniques,composition rhythm and theme artistic conception transmission.Fourthly,using the method of comparison,referring to the art form and aesthetic characteristics of brick carving in other areas of China.By comparing the brick carving art in northern and southern areas,this paper analyses the influence of natural and social environment factors on brick carving in Weinan,and summarizes the forming factors,cultural connotation and artistic value of brick carving in Weinan.Based on the investigation and practice of traditional brick carving in Weinan area,this paper combines the theories and methods of art,folklore,aesthetics and other related disciplines to collect the data of brick carving worksas a theoretical basis.Combining with the existing examples of brick carvings in Weinan,this paper systematically analyses the development process,carving techniques,expression techniques,composition characteristics,theme selection and theme implication of traditional brick carvings in Weinan.It reveals the cultural connotation and artistic value of Weinan brick carving art.Through the study of brick carving art in Weinan area,it can provide reference for the study of economy,politics and culture in Guanzhong Ming and Qing Dynasties.To measure the artistic and social value of Weinan brick carving from the perspective of "declaring non-relics".It is helpful for people to correctly understand the traditional brick carving art and has practical significance for the protection and inheritance of brick carving art.
Keywords/Search Tags:Weinan traditional dwellings, brick carving art, regional culture, protection and inheritance
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