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Research On Marxist Space Critical Theory

Posted on:2020-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330578959237Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Spatial turn is one of the major shifts in contemporary Western social theory.Foucault believes that the 20 th century heralds the arrival of a space age.During this period,people generally experienced profound changes in time and space,and the importance of space was highlighted under the new time structure.The acceleration of space production and capital globalization has also caused a series of spatial contradictions and crises in socialist countries,which makes spatial dimension thinking once again valued by Marxist philosophy.Marx's philosophical critique is a general critique of capitalist society.It runs through the history of capitalist society and also runs through the space of the entire capitalist society.Therefore,in the many texts of Marx and Engels,although the spatial dimension of social critical theory is in a relatively weak position,there is no "absence" problem.Marx and Engels do not lack attention to the social space problem of capitalism criticism.According to the process of the formation and development of Marxist philosophy,it is not difficult to find that the formation and development of Marx's concept of space is accompanied by it.It can be roughly divided into two stages: one is the germination stage of the concept of time and space represented by "Doctoral Thesis".During this period,Marx only discussed and elaborated the space problem as a natural philosophical proposition.It is precisely because of this period Marx The maturity of the overall thought is not high,and it is often ignored by the latecomers;the second is the mature stage of the concept of space and time represented by "Capital" and its manuscripts.This stage is mainly represented by the spatial critique in the field of political economy.It is therefore neglected because people understand it as a spatial concept in the purely economic sense.Western Marxists noticed and began to study the spatial dimension of Marx's capitalist critical theory earlier,and achieved some results.Explaining historical materialism from a spatial perspective and regaining Marxist spatial critical theory is the inheritance and development of Marxist philosophy and capitalist critique.The purpose of spatial critique is to seek the construction of spatial justice.Its basic foothold is spatial equality and free choice.The macroscopic view of capitalist industrialization and the macroscopic view of the global form of capital will inevitably become a spatial critique.The main research object of thought,Marx and Engels never lacked the spatial critique of these.Understanding and grasping the space criticism and space justice thoughts in Marxist philosophy not only facilitates the inheritance and rejuvenation of Marxism in the new era,but also explores the theoretical and academic significance of Marxist philosophy in the spatial dimension,and is also conducive to the present.The social space problem and the construction of spatial justice provide ideological reference and theoretical accumulation.The thinking of Marxist space critical theory in the Chinese context is also the first step in the sinicization of spatial critical theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Western Marxism, The production of space, The political nature of space, The criticism of space, The justice of space
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