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Symbolic Metaphor And Relationship Construction Of Folk Culture

Posted on:2020-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Unlock" also knows as "locks" "round fifteen " "round braid" etc.The removal of a child's long-lived lock on a full moon is a folk ritual that symbolizes a child's adult life."Unlocking" ceremony is the most important part in our life."Unlocking" ceremony's function is simply to pray for the healthy growth of children.This ceremony has a very long history.It has been passed down for thousands of years,which can be traced back to the custom of "Chang Minglv" in the eastern Han Dynasty.And now It mainly concentrated in Shanxi Province,Henan Province,Neimenggu Province and other regions.Shanxi Province is the origin of the "Unlocking" ceremony,due to regional differences,something is different.Unlock has a rather cumbersome set of rituals,similar to the ancient man's crown ceremony,women's gift.This topic carries out a field survey on the "unlocking" ceremony in Qixian,Jinzhong city,Shanxi Province,from the aspects of the origin,background and current communication situation of the "unlocking" ceremony,my aim is to make an in-depth analysis of the symbolic metaphor and relationship construction behind the "unlocking" ceremony.Chapter one,mainly introduces the historical background and communication status of the "unlocking" ceremony.Under the special natural and humanistic background of Qixian,this traditional and mysterious adult ceremony was conceived.Its history can be traced back to the Han Dynasty,the ceremony in the step-by-step development process contains a strong meaning of "avoiding evil" and "seeking happiness".After sorting out the historical situation of the ceremony,the author further introduces the development of the present "unlocking" ceremony,including the basic content of the ceremony and the channels of the communication.Although the openingceremony will change with the development of the times,but looking back to the history,sorting out the present situation,we can look forward to the future.Chapter two,reflects the symbolic meaning behind the "unlocking" ceremony from the aspects of family memory,ethical concept and media means.First of all,it is pointed out from two aspects of physical space and psychological space that the "unlocking" ceremony not only has a physical environment,but also cannot be ignored for the help of people's memory and soul level.Secondly,the ceremony of "unlocking" not only inherits the traditional family ethics,but also pays attention to the value meaning behind it,and constructs the imaginary community through the connotation of symbol concealment.Finally,combining the new means of media,the author points out that the combination of media and ceremony is like a mirror,the positive side is the ritual as the medium,the opposite is the media,the two complement each other and achieve each other.To make the "unlocking" ceremony both universal and special.Chapter three,explains the relationship implied in the "unlocking" ceremony.The "unlocking" ceremony is a kind of communication,based on the same geographical,cultural basis,it builds a circle of relationships,in this circle,there are you,myself,relatives and countries,in the course of the ceremony,The members of the gathering share their beliefs and cultures,and the cohesion of the relationship helps the members gain the identity,and plays a positive role in the inheritance of the national culture.In the end,based on the above-mentioned analysis of the "unlock" ceremony,the author puts forward the Chinese folk culture represented by the "unlocking" ceremony.We should carry on the inheritance and innovation from the four aspects of "communication environment" "inheritance subject" "communication channel and content" "communication concept".As a typical paradigm of Chinese folk culture,the "unlocking" ceremony plays a unique role in rural society and meets the needs of people undefineds production and spirit.That's why it can stay the same through the millennia.Taking the "unlocking ceremony" as a case study,can reflect some problems existing in the process of inheritance and innovation of Chinese folk culture.Therefore,this study have value.
Keywords/Search Tags:folk culture, Qi xian, "unlock" ceremony, symbol, relation
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