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Research On The Visual And Audio Language Characteristics Of VR Animation Based On Emotional Experience

Posted on:2021-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of VR technology,VR animation and VR games have become a new breakthrough in VR technology and content innovation.The development of film and television animation is closely related to the development of technology.The development of computer technology has greatly improved the efficiency of animation production and greatly enriched the audience's viewing experience.VR,as a new medium,offers new possibilities for the innovative development of animation,and the audience's participation in the narrative enables the audience to obtain a unique feeling of immersion and interaction.Animation creation based on the emotional experience of the audience is an important direction of the development of the animation industry.By designing visual language and auditory language elements in animation films,the animators convey information and express emotional feelings to the audience.Therefore,the audio-visual language of animation has become an important link for the audience to establish emotional connection with the film.Due to its unique interactivity and immersion,VR animation should pay more attention to the audience's emotional experience when creating animation.Compared with traditional animation,VR animation audio-visual language presents some new features.This topic attempts to study the domestic and foreign existing VR animation works,selecting the typical VR animation works "Raising a Rukus",emotional experience to VR animation design based on the content of the three levels of design,to the audience's emotional experience as the breakthrough point,compared with VR animation with traditional animation in the Angle of narrative ways and the application of audio-visual language elements such as differences,from the visual,auditory language design and interactive audio-visual language design from three aspects of VR animated film "Raising a Rukus" carry on the thorough analysis,The new features of VR animation audio-visual language design are summarized.Through the in-depth analysis of Raising a Rukus,it can be seen that the audio-visual language design in VR animation creation is not a complete negation of the traditional audio-visual language of animation,but an innovative development of the traditional audio-visual language of animation.In the context of VR,the audio-visual language of animation presents new features: simplicity,immersion,guidance and interaction.Thedevelopment of VR animation is closely related to the development of audio-visual language,which enriches the audience's movie-watching experience.The visual language,auditory language and interactive audio-visual language of VR animation embody three design levels of VR animation emotional experience design,which enrich the audience's sensory experience,enhance the audience's interactive participation experience,and realize the audience's emotional resonance with the film.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emotional experience, VR animation, Audio-visual language, Interactive narrative, Interactivity
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