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A The Problem Of Rural Community Public Service Supply Yuancheng District Of Heyuan City

Posted on:2016-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M LiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330482462228Subject:Agricultural promotion
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China released the annual "No 1 Central Document" in 2013,focusing on the issues of agriculture,rural areas and farmers again.It has been the 10th "No 1 Central Document"which is to direct the work of agriculture,rural areas and farmers,since the new century.The document points out that with China's industrialization and urbanization,great differences happen among agriculture,rural areas and farmers:the overall cost of agriculture is rising,the social structure in the countryside is transiting,the development of urban and rural area is integrating,and the interests which farmers demand are more diversified.However,at the present stage,the structure of our country is still the urban-rural dual structure.As an important indicator to measure the level of rural economy and social development,supply of public services in rural areas always has some problems,such as the total supply is insufficient,the structure of supply is imbalanced,the efficiency of supply is low and so on.All these problems restrict the economic and social development of rural areas,and slow down the speed of urban-rural integration.Therefore,We should seize this important opportunity that the construction of new rural communities promote among the nation,and take some actions.Continue to strengthen and innovate the system and mechanism of the management of new rural communities.Aiming to balance the allocation of public resources between urban and rural areas,solve the problems in the supply of rural public service,and narrow the gap between rural and urban areas,we should,in particular,improve the supply mechanism of public service in new rural communities continuously,build a new supply system of public services in rural communities,Based on interpreting the concepts as the rural community and public services in rural communities,and introducing theories as theories of public service and public choices,the author selects rural communities in Yuancheng District as the research object,and via interviewing and questionnaire investigation,find out the existing problems of the supply of public service in the rural communities,and also analyze its causes.In order to better understand the situation of the supply of public service in the rural communities,author combines two methods,random sampling and stratified sampling,and make investigation in a total of seven agricultural communities in three spheres in Yuancheng District.Through the investigation,first of all,the author finds out that 6 public services,such as the essential living standard security,basic medical and health care,compulsory education,public infrastructure,support of agricultural technology,employment service of the rural labor force and so on,is insufficient;the satisfaction of residents in rural communities is not high enough.There are shortages and problems in the supply of public service in the rural communities in Yuancheng District.Secondly,through introducing and referring to the supply of public service in the United States and Japan,in the author's opinion,rural communities in our country should build a diversified supply system that is guided by the government and covered by organization of communities' services,whose key point is to sort the external and internal relations of organization of communities'services.Finally,on the basis of above analysis,according to the present situation of the building of"new socialist countryside",the author puts forward some specific suggestions and measures,hoping that can do some help to the construction of the system of public services in rural communities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural community, Public service, Supply subject, supply system, decision-making mechanism
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