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The Analysis On The Structure And Process Of Rural Public Service Supply

Posted on:2019-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This study is an exploratory qualitative research,mainly through an investigation on the "the frontier engineering of legal" and its specific implementation process in the Luotian country of Hubei Province from 2008 to 2016.The intention of the study is to explore the role positioning of the main body of Rural Public Service Supply and the strategies for Persistent internal supply and reshape of rural order from the perspective of public service supply under the internal and external weak rural order."the frontier engineering of legal " and has experienced 5 stages,including the"stand up","push up" and "move" "inertia operation and decline stage" and "new stage".through the research of the 5 stages,the author believes that each supplier should have a reasonable division of labor under the internal and external weak rural order:the county government should play a chief role,grass-roots government plays a mediating role,village should play a key role;and to construct the sustainable endogenous supply system,should pay more attention on the financial resources,supervision and evaluation,personnel the organization and education mechanism:financial expenditure and low "hat",the target responsibility system and the working group for each other,"the rural fine sieve English and cultivate awareness of the bottom line service team;while the rural public service supply process to a certain extent,is conducive to strengthening the rural order,including strengthening the rural internal organizational foundation,enhancing the villagers' common sense and ability of cooperation,strengthen the township government organization governance and administrative authority and strengthen the national consciousness penetration ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public service supply, role orientation, endogenous supply system, rural order
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