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Research On Dror's Policy Sciences Theory

Posted on:2019-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545466036Subject:Administrative Management
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Modern Policy Sciences is originated in the western.As ‘The Father of Policy Sciences',Yehezkel Dror is a famous scholar every Policy Sciences researcher has to comprehend profoundly.It is a shame that there are few researchers systematically studying Dror's theory in China.This paper introduces the origin,contents and development history of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory.It later gives readers a preliminary evaluation of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory.This paper is of certain significance to the formulation of China's reform policy in order to actively respond to the intense international situation.This paper is composed of six parts.The first part,introduction,roughly introduces the purpose and significance of the research,the status quo of domestic and foreign research,the methods of the research,and the innovation aspects.The second part,source of Policy Sciences Theory,mainly introduces three theoretical sources––fuzzy gambling policy thought,policy consultant theory and macro-policy analysis theory.The third part,contents of Policy Sciences Theory,mainly analyzes three main theories of Policy Sciences––design for Policy Sciences,public policy-making theory and macro-policy analysis.The fourth part traces the four phases of the development of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory.The fifth part gives readers a brief evaluation of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory from rationality and limitations.The sixth part reveals the significance of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory to modern China.This paper combines the methods of historical research,literature research,and comparative research into the research of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory,excavating its theoretical origin and history as well as combing its theoretical context.The central section of this paper is to present and evaluate some principal contents of Dror's Policy Sciences Theory,and then make it a powerful theoretical weapon for the rise of China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yehezkel Dror, Policy Sciences, Policy-making, Macro-policy
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