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Identification Of "Bad Influence Of Religion" In The Case Of Trademark Confirmation

Posted on:2019-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an objective social and historical phenomenon,religion is born,grown,frustrated and revived with the development of human society.The rise and fall have long been linked with every aspect of our life.Freedom of religious belief,as one of the most important basic rights of citizens,cannot be relaxed in the activities of socialist market economy.The freedom of religious belief is shown in the legal system of trademark law as the "bad influence of religion" in the "other adverse effects" clause of the tenth article of the trademark law.As a special form of language expression in the market economy,the strict standard of "bad religious influence" has hindered the freedom and interests in the market economy to a certain extent,and too broad is not conducive to the protection of freedom of religious belief.Accordingly,the article first sorts out the development of "bad influence of religion ",and points out that its legislative purpose is to maintain the freedom of religious belief in the constitution.The article puts the protection of the basic right of freedom of religious belief into the consideration of the bad influence of religion,and demonstrates the important role of the idea of religious belief free protection in the judgment of the "bad influence of religion" from the aspects of jurisprudence,legal provisions and social reality.The realization of the purpose of protecting the freedom of religious belief should start with the religious meaning of the symbol itself in the identification of the "bad influence of religion",combine the specific goods and services of the sign,take the religious feelings and religious belief of the specific religious groups as the examination object,and get the final evaluation in the proof of the related evidence.
Keywords/Search Tags:trademark confirmation, bad influence of religion, The freedom of religious belief, Constitution
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