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Research On The Legal Protection Of Financial Consumers

Posted on:2019-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545957600Subject:Economic Law
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After entering twenty-first Century,the global economy has entered a stage of rapid development.With the continuous development of modern science and technology,the economic relations of all countries in the world are increasingly close and gradually become a whole.The third industry,with service as the core,has become the most important part of the economic development of all countries in the world,and the financial industry has become an extremely important industry in the third industry.Although all developed countries have paid great attention to the development of their own financial industry,the legal protection of financial consumers in the disadvantaged position of the industry remains to be improved.This is the reason why financial consumers' legal rights are easily infringed,and their confidence in the industry is frustrated,and it is also can be easily understood why financial consumption level decreases and why the financial crisis took place in the early twentieth century.The crisis,as its name implies,is to find opportunities from the danger.Although the financial markets of all the countries of the world have been seriously damaged in the financial crisis,many developed countries have also found through the crisis that there are many shortcomings in their own financial markets for the legal protection of financial consumers through the crisis.Therefore,after the crisis,the focus of financial reform in all countries is to strengthen the legal protection of financial consumers.From the above aspects,the paper studies some legal problems that arise in the process of the continuous development of the financial industry and the protection of the financial consumers.Based on the related theories of financial consumers,it analyzes from the legal level the present situation of the legal protection of China's financial consumers and points out the shortcomings of the legal protection of the current financial consumers in China are pointed out in the legislative level,the regulatory level and the rights relief level.In addition,through the introduction of some measures on the legal protection of financial consumers in developed countries,which are more advanced in the legal protection of financial consumers,such as the United Kingdom,the United States and Japan,Some enlightenment to China's legal protection of financial consumers are dawned.Finally,the above problems are solved from three aspects: legislation,regulatory bodies and rights relief.First,the legal protection of financial consumers should be enhanced on the legislative level;secondly,the current financial supervision should be strengthened by setting up special regulatory agencies.On the basis of this,multiple dispute settlement mechanisms are constantly developed to make the rights relief system of financial consumers a whole.Therefore,the purpose and significance of the paper is that,when China has entered the prosperity stage of the financial industry,the inspiration from the above research and the basic national conditions of our country should be combined to improve the legal protection of our financial consumers.The hidden dangers and troubles brought by the rapid development of China's financial industry should be solved,and ultimately achieve the goal of sustained,healthy and stable development of China's financial market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial consumer protection, Financial Legislation, Financial regulation, Right relief
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