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Study On The Evidence In Internet Telecommunication Fraud Crimes

Posted on:2019-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K C HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548952126Subject:Procedural Law
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The trend of “catch-up with the times” in Internet telecom fraud crimes has caught the public who is immersed in the convenience of network technology being caught off guard.The relevant investigative work has failed to keep pace,the crackdown has not resulted in a large number of fraud cases,and the public's wealth has been plundered.The happiness index has been lowered,and the production and life order of the entire society have been severely affected.The reason is that the difficulty in using electronic evidence and difficulty in obtaining evidence are the main reasons for the crackdown of internet telecommunication fraud crimes.The problem of electronic evidence collection in network telecommunication fraud crimes needs urgent study.In the first part of this article,through an analysis of the high incidence of cybertele fraud crimes,it is found that such crimes have difficulties in diagnosing crimes and difficulties in trials in practice,and then lead to the key issue,namely,cybertele fraud crimes.The difficulty in obtaining evidence from electronic evidence is the root of the problem.In the second part of the article,after analyzing the four parts of the detailed research materials,it is found that there is an electronic evidence forensics in network telecommunication fraud crimes that is not timely,comprehensive collection of electronic evidence,non-standard fixing and preservation procedures,and a single form of electronic evidence conversion.Situation and in-depth combing and elaboration on the consequences and causes of the related circumstances.In the third part of the article,based on the analysis of the aforementioned issues,combined with my own investigation work experience,I have proposed suggestions and measures to strengthen the principle of timely and comprehensive evidence collection for electronic evidence,improve procedures for the fixing and preservation of electronic evidence,and improve the electronic evidence conversion system.Promote the use of electronicevidence in judicial practice,improve the ability and level of investigation agencies in the electronic evidence fraud in cybertele fraud crimes,and put forward earnest expectations,hoping that the whole society can form a joint force to effectively curb the frequent occurrence of cybertele fraud crimes.To maintain social stability and promote the coordinated development of society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet telecommunication fraud, electronic evidence, forensics, fixing and preservation, conversion
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