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Research On The Process Analysis And Construction Of Prevention And Cure Mechanism Of China Telecom Fraud Under The Condition Of The Disappearance Of Personal Information

Posted on:2019-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330563985871Subject:Public Administration
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In the information age,with the continuous improvement of the social living standards and the rapid development of Internet communication technologies,non-contact telecommunications fraud crimes have seen an explosive growth in China.In particular,many colleges and universities in the current telecommunication fraud frequently,infringe on the interests of students,endangering the campus security,making college telecommunications fraud become an urgent problem to be solved.The ultimate goal of this research is to attempt to construct the prevention and control mechanism of telecommunication fraud in Chinese universities from the perspective of leakage of personal information.The research content of this paper mainly includes five parts.The first part expounds the related research achievements of domestic and foreign scholars on telecommunications fraud and the value of researching telecom fraud.The second part systematic theory elaborates the related concepts,types and characteristics of telecom fraud,and expounds the theory of public governance and The third part introduces the general situation of telecommunication fraud in colleges and universities,and summarizes the typical cases of telecommunication fraud in universities.Based on the disclosure of personal information,it clarifies the general situation of telecommunication fraud in colleges and universities.The formation process;the fourth part analyzes the reasons for the formation of information asymmetry in college telecommunications fraud;the fifth sector constructs a fraud prevention mechanism system from the perspective of compensation informationmechanism.The system includes: improving the national rule of law mechanism,advancing the co-governance mechanism of the whole society,and highlighting the students' autonomy mechanism.The fifth part comprehensively sums up the research conclusions and puts forward the research prospects.This article is based on the research perspective of personal information leakage.It uses public governance theory to deeply analyze the causes of frequent occurrence of college telecommunication fraud.From the perspective of compensation information,it proposes a mechanism for prevention and prevention that is jointly constructed by students of the country,society,and universities.The theoretical research value and practical reference value are designed to reduce the occurrence of college telecommunication fraud.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecom Fraud, Information Leakage, Information Mechanism, Big Data
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