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On The Prevention And Control Of Telecom Fraud Crimes

Posted on:2018-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Telecom fraud crime is a combination of modern communication technology and traditional fraud crime.In recent years,with the progress of society and the development of science and technology,the volume of telecom fraud crimes has been increasing year by year,and the losses of the masses have been increasing,and even some secondary harmful results have been caused.Become a big social nuisance.Therefore,it is helpful to study the prevention and control of telecom fraud by combining with its own work,which is conducive to better punishment of crimes and the protection of people's property.This paper mainly divided into five parts,the first part elaborated this article research background,significance,purpose and main content,and briefly introduces the current research of domestic and foreign telecom fraud crime part of the theoretical results.The second part mainly introduces the concept,origin and development of telecom fraud crime and the present situation.The third part,the paper introduces the telecom fraud crime of intelligent,professional,regional inter-district cross-border crime and fraud in a variety of forms,such as the main features of several common fraud means are expounded.The fourth part analyzes the causes of the high incidence of telecom fraud crime and the difficulties of combating governance in terms of social conditions,legal system,industry supervision,information disclosure and prevention ability.In view of the above analysis,the author puts forward five aspects of the prevention and control proposals in the fifth part of the work practice of combating telecom fraud crime: first,improve the relevant laws and regulations;Second,strengthen industry supervision;Third,we will intensify efforts to combat it.Fourth,to enhance the awareness of telecom fraud crime prevention;Fifth,establish a perfect collaboration mechanism.Establish a system of social governance combining prevention and control and prevention and control.The prevention and control of telecom fraud is a long-term project which requires the participation of the whole society in order to effectively curb the telecom fraud crime and ensure the safety of the lives and property of the people.
Keywords/Search Tags:telecom fraud, industry supervision, information leakage, prevention and control
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