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Research On The Criminal Judiciary Issue Of Overseas Pursuit

Posted on:2019-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the 21 st century,with the rapid development of science and technology,and with the renewal of transportation and communication tools,cross-border crimes have become increasingly rampant.Especially the crime of corruption in our country has become more and more internationalized.The concrete manifestations are that the increasing number of corrupt official and the huge amounts of corrupt assets transferred across borders.These prominent social problems severely obstacles the overseas pursuit and they are also major problems of anti-corruption in China.Therefore,it is extremely urgent to establish a scientific and sound overseas mechanism for overseas pursuit.The overseas pursuit of corrupt criminals is an important task of anti-corruption work in China,however,there are also some institutional and practical problems.International criminal judiciary assistance is based on the legal bilateral treaties.Nevertheless,the number of international treaties concluded by China and foreign countries is very limited,or it has been signed but not yet in effect.Facing of non-state parties,if it is impossible to arrest corruption personnel through extradition,we can use alternative measures for extradition to arrests cross-border criminal suspects and establish a relatively complete strategy of pursuit,such as remote prosecution,immigrant repatriation and persuasion.This paper mainly discusses the legal application and obstacles of extradition and its alternative measures in China's overseas pursuit work.At the same time,I put forward suggestions for innovating mechanisms of international criminal judiciary cooperation,including building an international information exchange platform,constructing a quick work coordination system,and establishing a scientific interest-sharing mechanism.It will be conducive to improve the efficiency of China's overseas pursuit work,and it will also facilitate the procedures of extradition,remote prosecution,immigrant repatriation and persuasion gone smoothly to combat international crimes.
Keywords/Search Tags:Overseas pursuit, Extradition, Alternative measures of extradition, International criminal judiciary cooperation
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