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Research On Legal Regulation Re Garding The Acts Of Unlawful In Terference In Civil Aviation

Posted on:2018-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the global civil aviation industry entered into high-speed development period,the acts of unlawful interference of civil aviation are rising significantly.It has brought a great threat to civil aviation security work.Since "9.11"terrorist event,the world attaches great importance to the prevention of acts of unlawful interference,the international civil aviation security conventions also been updated.Although,China has been involved in most of international conventions,and research on the unlawful interference of civil aviation had tried something new.But for the imperfection in legislation and lacking of theoretical studies and the new forms of the illegal interference are constantly emerging,there has not been uniform understanding in the definition of the acts of unlawful interference,and existing some issues such as uncertain bases of law,unreasonable setting and provisions of hard landing.In this paper,based on the legal issues of civil aviation security,with "illegal interference","disrupting action" as keywords,to put forward constructive suggestions on the definition of the acts of unlawful interference and the law revision from the visual angle of ruling-by-law.This paper is divided into following parts.The first part is the introduction which introduces the research background,purposes and methods.The second part has a simple opening,look the new appearance of the acts of unlawful interference,for example,to focus on existing legal issues.The third part analyzes the causes of the problem from theory,legislation and judicial,prominently defines "acts of unlawful interference" which emphatically differentiate with "disrupting action",thereby establishes theoretical ruler of judgment.The forth part for the problem,combines<Civil Aviation Law(exposure drafts)>to give practical advice about improvement of regulation as to legal doctrines.The last part is conclusion.Summarizing the research results,innovation and shortcomings of this paper,and the prospect of improving the regulation on the acts of unlawful interference in civil aviation were proposed.Main research achievements are as follows,one is through the comparative study to clarify the relationship between the two confusing concepts about "unlawful interference" and "disrupting action",and presents definition which differentiate itself from current concept.Then taking this theory as the ruler,combining legal analysis on focus issue about new acts of unlawful interference(such as UAV "black fly"?network interference),to proposed relative advice on how to improve legal regulation,an important focus had been on the revision of<Civil Aviation Law(exposure drafts)>,to highlight the value of practical research.
Keywords/Search Tags:the security of civil aviation, unlawful interference, disrupting action, international law
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