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Study On Mortgage Risk Of Rural Land Contractual Management Right Of Xinjiang

Posted on:2018-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual large-scale and modern development of agriculture in China,many farmers have shifted from agricultural production to urban transfer,and the demand for rural land circulation has become more and more urgent.2017 central document will continue to focus on agriculture,land contracting right is subdivided into the right to contract and management rights,implement the separation of the three powers in parallel,to liberalize the rural land management rights,steadily promote the process of rural land system reform and innovation of rural economic development model to further improve the rural financial system.The mortgage of land contract management right belongs to the peasant land property right.The construction of large-scale agricultural management system,accelerate the pace of development of modern agriculture,ensure the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and broaden the financing channels of rural finance has become the reform of rural land system innovation and the implementation of the pilot in the country.In this paper,Hutubi county and Manasi county of Xinjiang Changji are selected as the sample areas.Through survey data analysis,summarizes the sample area rural land contract management right mortgage status and problems.Using Logistic model,multiple regression method and factor analysis method,from the government,farmers,bank three subject perspective analysis on risk factors of the mortgage of land contract management right,and the essence of mortgage risk.By constructing the index system of risk assessment and risk assessment model,calculate the risk level of village survey sample area,analyzes the mortgage risk of the three parties,and constructs the risk prevention and control system of the mortgage right of contracted management of rural land from the government's angle.The results show that:(1)the farmers in the study area lack the awareness of mortgage policy and basic laws and the sense of security,worry more,and have strong mortgage intention;The employment of peasant households and the "three rights division" legal popularization have a greater impact on mortgage intention;financial institutions lack confidence in carrying out mortgage business;the village collective expresses support for farmers to mortgage financing with land ownership.(2)there are middle and high risks in the mortgage loan of land contractual management in the study area,among which the risk of Hutubi is slightly higher.(3)from the risk prevention,risk control and risk transfer this three areas to improve the relevant legal system,comprehensive coverage of the rural social security system;Innovation involves the insurance system of agriculture and establishes a reasonable evaluation of the market system;strengthen government oversight functions,improve collateral disposal liquidation measures;make mortgage fallback policy;build risk rescue platform,Improve the rural employment system and other corresponding prevention and control measures.
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