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Research On Thegovernance Of China-Laos Mohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone

Posted on:2020-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575989176Subject:Public management
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A cross-border economic cooperation zone is a cooperative area circled by two or more countries at the junction.In this cooperation zone,there are more powerful policy guarantees than other economic parks,which can make each country have superior products and services.In this cooperative area,we can maximize the economic benefits brought about by the free flow of goods,and promote the frontiers of the country's economic development to become the frontier of economic development,optimize the development path of the border areas,and improve the level ofeconomic societydevelopmentof the frontier areas.At present,“the Belt and Road"Initiative integrates Yunnan's development into national development strategies,and makes it to become China's radiation center for South Asia-Southeast Asia.However,judging from the construction of the established old-fashioned Mohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone,the government still encounters many problems in the governance of cross-border economic cooperation zones,which has seriously affected the development of cross-border economic cooperation zones,Yunnan.We must accelerate the pace of building cross-border economic cooperation zones,deepen foreign economic and trade cooperation,build a new pattern of opening up to the outside world,and realize the sustained and stable development of Yunnan's economy and the modernization of border governance.The main research focus of this paper is on the modernization of frontier governance based on“the Belt and Road"Initiative and how to improve the modernization level of the China-LaosMohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone.This paper firstly studies the fit between the cross-border economic cooperation zone and the requirements of the modernization development of the frontier governance under“the Belt and Road"Initiative,and It is proposed that the cross-border cooperation zone is an important means to promote the modernization of border governance,and it is also the practice of modernization of border governance under“the Belt and Road,"Initiative.Secondly,it sorts out the general situation of the construction of the Mohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone,and studies the advantages and dilemmas of governance,opportunities and obstacles to development,and comprehensively analyzes it.Finding a suitable development path for the part of the Mohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone?Once again,it draws on the successful experience of cross-border economic cooperation zones at home and abroad,and proposes the construction of two important institutional systems in the development process for the Mohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone.Finally,this paper puts forward specific countermeasures and suggestions.One is to modernize the governance concept and strengthen the top management design.The second is to promote institutional innovation based on the modernization of governance structure.The third is to strengthen the governance system with the focus on modernization of governance capability.The fourth is to introduce theBig Datagovermance tools such as data improve governance technologies.
Keywords/Search Tags:China-Laos, Cross-border economic cooperation zone, border governance, the Belt and Road Initiative
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