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A Study On The Management Of The Floating Population In The Border Areas Of Laos,China

Posted on:2019-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330563498333Subject:Administrative Management
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The old countries be closely related and mutually dependent,profound historical origin,linked mountains and rivers,bilateral economic and trade exchanges,from ancient to modern times,a large number of Yunnan people for various reasons to Laos,bordering Yunnan province also with Laos geographical advantage,has become the main export provinces Chinese immigrants to laos.In 70 s and 80 s twentieth Century,China and Laos both established economic development as the center and opened to the outside world,and the Chinese government gradually relaxed the restrictions on immigration.The convening of the third Plenary Session of the 11 th CPC Central Committee 1978 marks the beginning of China's implementation of the strategy of reform and opening up.In January 2015,comrade Xi Jinping visited Yunnan,expounded the strategic position of Yunnan in the overall development of the country,put forward a comprehensive well-off society all-round,comprehensive deepening reform,the rule of law,strictly leading comprehensive work,Yunnan chapter Chinese write a good dream.For a long time,the floating population living in the old and old border line has carried out frequent cross-border activities on the basis of the convenient geographical conditions and the common clan ties.The cross border migration of the two countries is a kind of civil interaction between nations.Its activities not only have a significant impact on the border areas,but also have an important impact on the government communication between countries.In the writing process of the Yunnan dream of the Chinese dream,we must attach great importance to the communication activities of the floating population abroad.Laos is an important neighbouring country for China to open to South and Southeast Asia,and it is particularly important to study the management of the floating population outside the border areas in the middle and old border areas.The complex background in the globalization advancement,the depth of geopolitics,perplexing China's opening up expanding,the floating population in the old border area became more and more frequent and deepening,the causes and forms more complicated,so the positive factors and negative effects of this shift,has brought opportunities and challenges to the old communication and the opening up of China,the border border areas of economic and social development.Although our country party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments pay more attention to this unit and take the corresponding measures,but due to the population in the border area of old cross-border flow is more complex,lack of knowledge,there is still not much,the pertinence is not strong,poor effect and other practical problems,the important aspect of national security,border stability,stable frontier,opening,national unity,economic construction and social development of the situation there amidst the winds of change and unpredictable and difficult to eradicate the hidden crisis.In view of this,through in-depth study of investigation and scientific innovation,the reality of the situation in the border areas of the old objective summary of the floating population and the problems of accurate grasp of the old border area outside the floating population governance rules and trends of the old border area outside the proposed floating population governance scientific countermeasures and path selection the urgency,importance,theory and reality on the necessity and Countermeasures on.In addition to the introduction and conclusion part,this article is mainly divided into four chapters to discuss and analyze.The first chapter mainly discusses the background,origin and distribution of floating population in the border area of China and the old,and summarizes the main types of floating population in China's old border ports.The second chapter puts forward and describes many problems in the management of the floating population at the border between China and the old border ports,that is,the analysis of the current situation.The third chapter,on the basis of the second chapter,explores the reasons for the difficulty of controlling the floating population outside the border ports of China and the old,and sums up the causes.On the basis of the first two chapters,the fourth chapter puts forward some innovative thoughts on the governance of floating population in China's old border ports,and puts forward five countermeasures to improve the management capacity of floating population.The old border area outside the floating population governance have special commonness and their own all the border areas of the floating population,caused by the floating population in the border areas of old problems should not be underestimated on the old relationship,I hope this paper can cast a brick to attract jade in the field,for the follow-up research slightly benefit.
Keywords/Search Tags:China's Laos border area, Floating population abroad, three non stuff, transnational marriage, Governance
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