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Research On Folk Lending Legal System In Song Dynasty

Posted on:2020-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the most important and earliest relationship of civil law relationships,the significance of loan relationship is self-evident.With the development of commodity economy in song dynasty,the folk loan relationship in Song Dynasty was very common.To control the loan relationships into our range,prevent various social contradictions,lending further fueled threats to its rule,the regime in the Song Dynasty is very value to control the legal relationship lending,to conclude contracts,interest,guarantee,performance,eliminate and regulation were carried out a series of relevant content,from the point of these rules,although there are certain limitations,but these rules can make appropriate adaptations,according to the time of the economic development to a certain extent,in turn,will promote the development of social economy,from the perspective of today can provide certain reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil legal system of Song dynasty, Loan relationship, Civil legal relations in the Song dynasty
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