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Research On The City Management System In Song Dynasty

Posted on:2014-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Cities in China originate from the permanent villages along the Yellow River and Yangtse River Basins in the Neolithic Age. Tribes who set up the castle due to the war constitute the early shape of cities. Developed in the Spring and Autumn Period, places where Feudal kings lived with nearby manpower and material resources gathering there could have been called the typical cities. Then to the Sui and Tang dynasties, China’s cities and its management have already arrived at a relatively high level.And finally in the Song dynasty, enormous changes in cities resulting from great prosperity of commodity economy challenged the governors, then its government formulated various laws and regulations to deal with the city management problems under the current situation.Great attention on Urban governance is often paid by successive dynasties as the city is the center of politics, economy, culture, traffic and military for a region and even a country, the cities’ rise and fall also involves the stability of its political power. As for the political power with interior prosperity and external confrontation like Song dynasty, its urban governance serve as a link between past and future to a essential historical level in various aspects. Chinese legal system history embodied in its laws and regulations of urban governance are also worth studying and discussingThis paper mainly consists of five chapters on the problems, measures and the legal system of urban governance in Song dynasty.The first chapter introduces the general layout, construction and governance of urban defense system which includes discussion on the planning and layout in physical space of Song dynasty, and the gradual breakdown of "Lane"The second chapter gives a introduction and discussion on the municipal administration and its legal system of cities in Song dynasty. Specifically, it can be split into four main aspects, that is, legal system of urban real estate management, legal system of urban traffic management, legal system of city daily supply management and legal system of city sanitation management. The discussion is mainly on how to ensure effective use of housing estate enacted by laws and decrees, the efficient working of urban land and water transportation, the supplement of urban fuel and water,and the control and handle of urban refuse.The third chapter is about the legal system of economic management of cities in Song dynasty. It consists of the urban management on population and household registration, commercial management based on price and tax administration,urban handicraft management and relative legal system.From the two levels regarding to nation and city,the fourth chapter studies on the Public security management system and relative legal system based on the blocks system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Song dynasty, Urban governance, Legal system
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