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Research On The Legal System Of Migration In The Song Dynasty

Posted on:2020-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578979160Subject:Legal history
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With the development of the household registration system from Qin,Han period to Song Dynasty,great changes have taken place.Due to the influence of multiple factors such as politics and economy,people's identity is no longer constant at that time,the level of activity of migration has increased significantly.To manage a large number of migrants,solve the contradiction between the old order and the new situation and control grassroots society,the Song government had to regulate people's migration activities.This paper attempts to study the migration law in the Song Dynasty household registration system through five parts:In the introduction,firstly briefly describe the development of the household registration system before Song Dynasty,this is the premise of studying the household registration system of the Song Dynasty.Then sum up the social background of the Song Dynasty,in people's impression,the Song Dynasty was poor and weak,but actually it is not,its commodity economy is developing rapidly,new urban structures have emerged,and people's lives are rich and colorful.Therefore,studying the migration law of the Song Dynasty has important significance.The first part gives an overview of the household registration system in the Song Dynasty.The influence of the household registration system on social development cannot be underestimated and is highly valued by the rulers.The institutional innovation of the Song Dynasty was carried out with the actual changes in society.While describing the content,characteristics and main functions of the household registration system,this paper also defines the migration law.It is not the Song Dynasty that actually has a special law on migration,but rather the legal content related to migration in the household registration system,including many legal forms in ancient China.The second part mainly explains the reality of the migration of the Song Dynasty.Based on the principles of the operation of ancient society,the ruling classes of all dynasties tried to bind the people to the land,which became a traditional concept.But in fact,on the one hand,there are always migrations that are officially allowed or uniformly arranged,on the other hand,it is an inevitable problem of people's unauthorized migration.The migration of people in the Song Dynasty basically conforms to these two modes.The third part mainly extracts and details the migration law in the household registration system of the Song Dynasty based on historical data with high credibility.Traditional concepts,ruling needs and social development have gathered together to influence the formulation and adjustment of the Song Dynasty migration law.In order to feudal state governance,the purpose of the migration law is to enable people to migrate under the effective control of the ruling class.The special feature of the Song Dynasty is that the household registration system has greatly improved the freedom of migration.The fourth part focuses on the evaluation of the migration law of the Song Dynasty and summarizes its status and value in the household registration system.It has a positive side to the operation of the feudal state machine,but from a negative perspective,its problems are also vividly revealed.Through the comprehensive analysis of multi-faceted nature,the understanding of the Song Dynasty migration law can be more thoroughly understood.In the fifth part,I will give a brief summary and refinement of this paper,and emphasize the significance of the research again.And there are still some remaining conclusions,the research on the migration law of the Song Dynasty is extended from this paper to discuss the citizens' freedom of movement under the modern vision and the topic of the current reform of the Chinese household registration system.The contradiction between the current household registration system and free migration rights is becoming increasingly fierce.Taking the Song Dynasty,which is active in migration,as the focus of research,it may be possible to explore a scientific road to help expand the thinking of solving this problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Song Dynasty, The Household Registration System, Migration law, Social Reform
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