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Study On The Applicable Law For The Telecom Network Fraud Crime

Posted on:2019-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Telecom network fraud crime is a new type of fraud crime that companled with development of information network technology.Telecom network fraud crime shows new criminal characteristics in all aspects compare with traditional fraud crime,such as wide range of cases,covert means of crime,fast retrofit,gang crime and so on,which is extremely hanmful to society.The country has launched several special campaigns to crack down on telecom network fraud and crime,and has achieved certain results.But in judicial practice,because the legal norms did not keep up with the pace of the renewal of fraud forms in time,it shows a certain degree of lag,and related cases in the application of law problems are constantly emerging,with causing controversy and query.The existing problems mainly include the definition of telecom network fraud crime,the identification of the deceived object,the pattern of completion of the crime,the joint crime,the application of sentencing,and the distinction between other crimes in telecom network fraud.To solve these problems,based on the fraud crime and traditional telecom network fraud crime of comparative analysis,combining with typical cases related to comb,and find out the crux of the problem,at the same time to borrow relevant theoretical point of view,for the telecom network to find the theory basis for application of law to commit fraud,in order to the judicial organs to deal with related cases of telecom network fraud crime has a certain reference role for reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecom Network Fraud, Accurate fraud, Joint Crime, The amount of Fraud
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