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The Studies On Medical Ethics Education From The Perspective Of Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship

Posted on:2015-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431982148Subject:Ideological and political education
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In the past few years, the doctor-patient crisis has gradually become the prominent problem which causes malign influences on the harmonious society. The improvement of the doctor-patient relationship has drawn much attention of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government. The positive researches and profitable trials of the new resolution in the health care system are taking place as well. Both the background of social transformation and the objective fact of medical-model changes set up obvious requirements for the building medical ethics. To strengthen and improve the building medical ethics is the essential requirement for the establishment of the harmonious doctor-patient relationship, which requires the joint effort of both sides of doctors and patients.Based on the Marxism theories, this essay analyzes the moral education problems of both doctors and patients in the situation of harmonious doctor-patient relationship by using related disciplines in Ideological and Political Education and Medical Ethics theories. The essay consists of5parts:The first part is the summary which defines the concept and analyzes the essence of doctor-patient relationship as well as pointing out the new characters of doctor-patient relationship and medical ethics education. The second part analyzes the problems in doctor-patient relationship which clarifies the significance of establishment of harmonious doctor-patient relationship from the aspects of carrying out The scientific outlook on development, being beneficial to the construction of a harmonious society, being conducive to promoting the development of medical career and helpful for patients rehabilitation. The third part analyzes the reasons for the loss of harmonious doctor-patient relationship from four aspects:the government factors, the social factors, the medical factors and the patient factors. The essay proves the essential influence of moral factors on doctor-patient relationship by using paradoxical theories from the external and internal factors in development of things. The fourth part elaborates the effect on establishment of harmonious doctor-patient relationship from five different aspects of standardization and discipline, enlightenment incentive, communication, humanism care and coagulation. The fifth part analyzes the major problems in medical ethics education among doctors and medical students as well as patient ethics education. It also puts forward detailed methods of improvement:to construct a new mode of doctor-patient ethics education.
Keywords/Search Tags:doctor-patient crisis, harmonious doctor-patientrelationship, medical ethics education, patient ethics education
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