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Legal Regulation Of Limited Partnership Fund In PPP Field

Posted on:2020-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596487476Subject:Law and law
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The PPP model is not only an innovative model in the field of infrastructure construction and public service provision,but also a prominent manifestation of the modernization of state governance.In the context of resolving the risk of government debt,the government's disguised financing methods have been severely restricted.The PPP model is an important financing model that the current government can adopt.At this stage,the number of PPP projects declared in various places has been rising,but the project landing rate is still low.Based on the analysis of the development status of PPP projects and the current situation of investment and financing of PPP projects,this paper finds that the primary reason for the difficulty of landing PPP projects is the lack of project capital financing.Based on its superiority,the limited partnership fund can provide capital financing for PPP projects,thus initiating subsequent debt financing and promoting the successful landing of PPP projects.The limited partnership fund has become one of the main ways of capital financing for PPP projects.However,due to the fact that the PPP project is still in its infancy,its related systems are in conflict and lack,and the development of the limited partnership fund itself has legal and legal obstacles.The combination of the two has led to the inoperability in practice.This paper analyzes the current application status of limited partnership funds in PPP projects,and analyzes the basic connotation and development status of PPP model,PPP financing and limited partnership funds.Through the analysis of the specific operation process of the limited partnership fund investment PPP project,it is found that the existence of limited partnership funds is not clear,the fund collection channels are limited,the fund partners' rights distribution is unreasonable,the fund internal governance structure and governance mechanism are imperfect,etc.problem.The author analyzes these problems one by one and proposes corresponding countermeasures,in order to promote the limited partnership fund to strengthen the PPP project,so as to provide some reference for promoting the healthy development of the PPP model.
Keywords/Search Tags:PPP, limited partnership fund, investment and financing, right, governance
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