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Research On The Administrative Approval System Reform In Gansu Province Under The Background Of "Streamlining Administration And Delegating Power,Improving Regulation,and Upgrading Services"

Posted on:2020-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330599954123Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative approval is an important means for the government to manage and intervene in economic and social affairs.During the over ten years from October 2001 to August 2012,to adapt to transformation of government functions,improve the socialist market economy,and strengthen the building of a clean government,the central government follows the five principles of“legitimacy,rationality,efficiency,responsibility,and supervision”,“integrates the reduction of approval items with management standardization,reduction in arbitrary approvals with the establishment of formal operation mechanisms,and the adjustment in the approval items with strict enforcement of legal provisions”,and continuously promotes reform of the administrative approval system.After the third plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in 2013,“streamlining administration and delegating power,improving regulation,and upgrading services”has become a new concept for China's government reform.As an important part of the administrative system reform,deepening the reform on administrative approval system not only is the breakthrough point and handle for streamlining administration and delegating power by the government,but also undertakes the historical mission of comprehensively reshuffling government functions,which is of great significance for resolving major conflicts of the society in the new era and crossing the threshold of development.Ever since the 18th CPC National Congress,Gansu Province has continuously rolled out relevant policies to boost administrative approval system reform,vigorously simplify approval items,compress approval time limit,optimize approval procedures,intensify external supervision,promote the model of“Internet plus e-government affairs”,and make new progress in optimizing business environment,releasing market vigor,and providing convenient services to companies and people.However,owing to such reasons as conventional thinking constraint,consolidation of interest patterns,system limitations,and imperfect laws and regulations,the administrative approval system reform of Gansu province still cannot adapt to the needs of economic and social reform and development,making it difficult to meet the internal demands of reforms,mainly manifested as redundant approval procedures,approval detail anomie,approval procedures to be optimized,administrative standardization construction to be enhanced,and formalistic supervision.This thesis takes the administrative approval system reform as the major research content,is backed up by the holistic government theory and service administration theory,and adopts literature research method,system analysis method,and integration of theories with practices.On the basis of sorting out and summarizing the administrative approval system reform,the thesis studies reform practices on the administrative approval system of Gansu Province.Through analyzing the acquired data and materials,the thesis summarizes the effects of the reform in Gansu Province and analyzes reasons for the problems in the reform.In consideration of developed nations'development experience in“relaxing regulations”and reform achievements in domestic frontiers,the thesis starts from the status of the reform on administrative approval in Gansu Province,and proposes the general line of thinking of“unified standards and optimized services”adapted to the current reform needs.It is hoped that through such policy recommendations as comprehensively straightening out administrative approval items,establishing the management system of negative list on market access;accelerating the standardized building of administrative approval;lowering the threshold and tightening supervision;and deeply implementing the one-net project and realizing information resource sharing,we can promote better and faster development of the economy and society in Gansu Province.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative approval, government reform, government regulation, service administration theory
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