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Reform Of Local Governments Administrative Examination And Approval System From The Perspective Of Streamlining Administration And Delegating Power

Posted on:2020-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z K LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330602455574Subject:Public administration
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"Simplified administration and decentralization" refers to the government's streamlining of institutions and decentralization of governance to society.With the continuous deepening of the reform of government institutions in China,government functions have been transformed,the reform of the administrative system has continued to deepen,resources have been reasonably allocated,and social and economic development has been promoted.With the establishment and improvement of the socialist market economic system,the shortcomings of administrative examination and approval have gradually emerged,the free competition of market subjects has been restricted,social resources cannot be reasonably allocated,management costs have begun to increase,and corruption has begun to multiply.Against this background,in-depth research on the reform of the administrative examination and approval system,analysis of the current situation of the reform of the administrative examination and approval system,the discovery of problems and suggestions for countermeasures are also important contents of the current reform of the examination and approval system.This article takes Xinjiang Hetian City as the research object,specifically analyzes the reform of the administrative examination and approval system,meticulously sorts out relevant research literature at home and abroad,summarizes and summarizes relevant concepts and theories,and lays a theoretical foundation for the development of the research.The basic situation of the reform of the examination and approval system is discussed in detail,and the reform of the administrative examination and approval system in Hetian City is summarized.It concludes that the current emphasis is on examination and approval and light service;internal supervision is not in place;the overall design is insufficient;the supervision after the event is less;the reform procedures are not perfect;standardization construction Insufficient and other issues,and in-depth analysis pointed out the tendency of the interests of the government's administrative examination and approval function;thelaws and regulations related to administrative examination and approval are not complete;the lack of effective administrative examination and approval supervision mechanisms inside and outside the government;The main cause of the problem is based on the existing problems and the actual situation of Hotan City,and proposes countermeasures to promote the reform of the administrative approval system of Hotan City,that is,to explore the establishment of an integrated design of the administrative approval system;further increase the efforts to simplify administration and decentralization;improve Hotan Works administrative examination and approval;strengthen the administrative examination and approval system of the city of Hotan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Streamline administration and delegate power, Administrative examination and approval, Reform
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