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The Reform Dilemma Of The Administrative Examination And Approval System Of Shenzhen Government And Its Countermeasure Research In The Context Of Administration And Decentralization

Posted on:2019-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575994815Subject:Public administration
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In order to maintain the healthy development of national economy,our government need to constantly understanding and mastering the characteristics of the socialist market economy and the inherent law,and on the governance policies accordingly.The author found that when other factors such as policy,economic environment and other soft conditions reached a certain height,the government administrative organs as a characteristic of market economy system "hardware",as the executor of the characteristics of market economy system and the supervisor,the quality of the"hardware"determines the development of market economy system and the future direction of the national economy level.On March 5,2014,Chinese premier li in the meeting of the National People's Congress for government work report,to further promote the reform of administrative system,further reduce the decentralization,to cancel 2014 and down more than 200 items of administrative examination and approval items,the government began a new round of administrative reform in our country.The local governments actively respond to a nation called on,began a new round of"self'revolution,shenzhen municipal government as a"leader" of China's reform and opening-up,the administrative examination and approval system reform achievements of all have significance for our country in most areas.But the author through the study found that the current administrative examination and approval system reform in the bottleneck of shenzhen,rectifying the fundamental reason is the shenzhen municipal government's ruling idea didn't happen too big change,department of shenzhen municipal government and presides over still hold power,makes the administrative examination and approval system still exist overlap and the phenomenon of repeated examination,multi-sectoral urban residents or organizations still face the complicated approval process,long approval cycle process of administrative examination and approval.In the process of reform,there are problems such as unreasonable system design,conflict of regulations,non-contact between departments,poor coordination,unbalance of authority and low efficiency of work.The author through the reform of the administrative examination and approval system of domestic cities,draw lessons from the reform experience,combined with the present situation of the shenzhen municipal government administrative examination and approval system reform,put forward the shenzhen municipal government should be combed through a comprehensive examination and approval matters,transferability of administrative examination and approval matters,strengthening the construction of administrative service hall,the implementation of"one window"e-government service,promote the reform of government investment project examination and approval for examination and approval of pilot and innovation measures such as service concept to break through the bottleneck reform,speed up the road"and to delegate".As well as in other parts of the administrative examination and approval system reform to advise reference,added to perfect our theoretical achievements of the reform of the administrative examination and?approval system,to further speed up the construction of the"service-oriented government".
Keywords/Search Tags:Streamline administration and delegate power, Local governments, Administrative examination and approval, Reform of the system
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