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An Analysis For The Deepening Of European Defense Cooperation

Posted on:2021-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602491575Subject:International relations
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The European defense cooperation originated in the 1950s,it's the arrangement of European defense that initiated by western European countries under the approval of the United States.At that time,European countries formed the western European Union on the principle of cooperation between states,this regional mechanism lasted until 2010.But the activities of the WEU during the cold war were mainly to coordinate the positions of member states on issues of security and east-west relations,WEU did not actually perform its defense functions.Therefore,despite the great achievements in European economic integration during the cold war,European defense cooperation had mechanisms but no practice,and it was not until the end of the cold war that the European defense cooperation formally started.Since then,European defense cooperation has been increasingly institutionalized and normalized.The EU's common security and defence policy,put forward in the late 1990s,has become the general framework for defence co-operation among European countries.In recent years,the construction process of European security and defense is speeding up,in particular,the proposal of permanent structural cooperation has injected new vitality into European defense cooperation.The European Union's common security and defense policy is increasingly regarded as,following the economic integration,EU's most active and successful project in new century.From economic integration to military and defence cooperation,European integration is developing to a higher level.This paper will conduct a reasonable review of the development history of European defense cooperation in the cold war period and the post-cold war period,and then investigate and compare the degree of implementation of European defense cooperation in different periods.
Keywords/Search Tags:European defence cooperation, The European Union, Common Security and Defence Policy, Permanent Structured Cooperation
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