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On The Prevention And Treatment Of Telecom Fraud

Posted on:2020-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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According to the fraud cases of China telecom in recent years and the specific reality of the case,the law,telecom fraud will continue to increase as time goes by,and even in the society slowly spread.Due to the improvement of technology,the means of crime will be increasingly high-tech,which is obviously a great threat to social groups.Prevent the emergence of telecom fraud,this is urgent need to deal with the work,but because of the network fraud methods and methods of renovation,let the prevention work has become increasingly serious.Usually a crime is not caused by one factor,will be a variety of inducing factors to fraud crime.Telecom department phone card because did not strictly according to the requirements of the system to distribute,the cause of the citizen's privacy can't get security,over time,it leads to the appearance of the telecom fraud crime,especially the civil protection of privacy cognitive too weak,the lack of cognition for the prevention of bank regulation is small,let criminals find the chance of a crime,from the appearance of these cases frequency,frequency,will also be disadvantages to expose the current governance in China,therefore,analysis and explore how to prevent and control of telecom fraud crime it is very necessary,can will telecom fraud crime to stop as soon as possible,give up the idea of the criminal crime,To restore stability to public order,from a practical point of view,has great value.In such critical condition,to explore the prevention and treatment of the problem becomes the key of telecom fraud crime,the article is mainly through the origin and development of telecommunication crime,characteristics,types,etc were analyzed,and then to master the basic knowledge of telecom fraud crime,the in-depth study of how to prevent and combat telecom fraud crime,so to ensure effective prevention of telecom fraud crime.Whether it is based on theory or technology,it can effectively assist the suppression of telecom fraud.Also,this paper has a detailed overview of the causes and characte5 ristics of telecom fraud crime,and in-depth analysis of the causes,and an overview of why so hard to suppress telecom fraud crime,around several aspects to set detailed prevention countermeasures,so as to promote the Chinese legal documents of telecom fraud crime is perfect,to create a multi-level,many departments,regional crime prevention platform,safeguard social security in our country.Use theory and practice to promote the suppression of telecom fraud.To enhance the people's awareness of telecommunications fraud prevention,to some extent,this has a positive practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecom Fraud Crime, New Situation, Preventive Measures
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